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  • Lilou in Bangkok how to clear the hotel room energy when traveling
    Lilou in Bangkok how to clear the hotel room energy when traveling
    So many people go into hotel rooms when they travel and some are responsible for their energies they bring and some are not. Who know’s what the people who stayed in the room prior to you may have been like on an energetic level. Who know...
  • Seven Ways to Unclog for Autumn
    Seven Ways to Unclog for Autumn
    “Unclog your mind. Unclog your room. Arrange your room in a way you wish your mind would be” --Yoko OnoEver find yourself stuck in a rut, feeling blue or stopped in your tracks? We all have those times when we seem to sink into a place...
  • Why should you clear chakras, why is it so important
    Why should you clear chakras, why is it so important
    Chakras are the powerhouse of your energy, also known as seven windows to your soul, and they influence every single thing that you do. Your third eye is one of the chakras and it is very important that it is open. It’s also important they...
    Weather forecast for Houston, Texas and vicinity (cooler, drier air coming)
    DiscussionThe storm now developing over Texas and the western Gulf Coast will be doing the Lone Star State a major favor, while at the same time performing a huge disservice to Appalachia and the Eastern Seaboard. It is true that rain and clouds...
  • 1330648459_PLYMOUTH_30HR_GFS_500MB_1800z_MAR_01
    Weekend Weather Forecast For Houston Texas And Vicinity, Friday, March 2, 2012
    DiscussionUseful Links:Storm Prediction CenterCollege Of DuPage Severe Weather Warnings PageKevin Brewster Storm Spotting Frequencies Page Much of the U.S. needs the basically nice weekend that is forecasted (if you don't mind the colder...
    Houston TX And Vicinity Weather Forecast, Monday, December 5, 2011
    DiscussionThe main difficulty in getting the forecast right through the next 16 days is timing the storms. Since there is no sign of blocking at high latitude locations about or near North America, it seems likely that any major changes in...
  • Dried white sage
    Spring cleaning as a spiritual practice
    It's that time of the year. You wake up feeling energized and with the oddest urge to scrub every piece of furniture, blind, and baseboard you can possibly find. Aside from the benefits of reaped from having a gloriously shining interior,...
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