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  • Cut Man
    Daredevil Episode Commentary: "Cut Man"
    This episode of “Daredevil” had plenty of close calls and intense moments.From the start, we have Murdock wake up in a dumpster beaten half to death. His encounter with the Russians did not go as planned as he tries to save a young boy...
  • The stones from 'Outlander'
    'Outlander'--Jamie could have skipped the spanking and sold Claire
    “Outlander” is about an English woman, Claire Randall, from 1945 who is transported back in time to 1743 Scotland. She finds that much has changed in two hundred years, and her rights as a woman are fewer. For instance, she marries...
  • Gary Lewis, Graham McTavish, Lotte Verbeek, Tobias Menzies and Sam Heughan attend the 'Outlander' Mid-Season New York Premiere
    In 'Outlander' Claire gets a spanking and Jamie gets a lesson (spoilers)
    When we last left our intrepid heroes in “Outlander,” Jamie had just shown up in a nick of time before Black Jack Randall was about to show Claire, the 20th Century woman trapped in 18th Century Scotland, what would be a good time for...
  • Claire's Outlander shawl pattern now available
    Claire's Outlander shawl pattern now available
    Many knitting patterns have evolved from STARZ's popular "Outlander" television series, none more sought after than Claire's shawl pattern. Now it's available for knitting your very own shawl and the timing is perfect for...
  • House of Cards: Chapter 31
    'House of Cards' recap: Claire finally grows a pair
    Chapter 31of "House of Cards" sees plenty of action for Claire to deal with. Russia has vetoed her peacekeeping resolution to put troops in the Jordan River Valley, which she doesn't initially think is that big of a deal. She can get...
  • The Following cast
    'The Following': Finale recap and season 2 possibilities
    As Fox's first season of "The Following" ended on Monday night, its finale left viewers wondering what was in store for season two. According to the Hollywood Reporter on Tuesday, next season will be all about the cliffhangers and...
  • Claire and Jake
    Claire, Jake and the ball.
    "The dog was created specially for children.He is the god of frolic."Henry Ward BeecherProverbs from Plymouth PulpitMeet Jake, a god of frolic, and Claire Sawyer, the girlJake loves.Jake is a black Labrador Retriever whom the Sawyers...
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