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  • Citizen by Rob Peabody
    Rob Peabody on Exchanging Mediocre Faith for Radical Living
    When living what you believe to be a good Christian life still leaves you feeling empty, you might begin to wonder: Do I really know what it means to follow Christ? It’s a question Rob Peabody, author of Citizen: Your Role in the Alternative...
  • Corporations are People?
    Corporations Do Not Have the Same Rights as US Citizens
    On Thursday, January 21st, 2010, the Supreme Court made a very shocking announcement over the Constitutionality of campaign reform laws dating back to the early 1900's in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. The ramifications of the...
  • List of Hotels by the Sacramento River
    List of Hotels by the Sacramento River
  • Pet Killed by ACS and used in
    Citizens of San Antonio,TX struggle for truth in reporting
    A news piece was run tonight by Brian Mylar of The Defenders on KSAT 12 in San Antonio, Texas. The Defenders show is purported to help defend the citizens of the city against injustice and misinformation. Mylar also runs additional news stories...
  • Space Needle
    Seattle limits words that can be used by politicians and/or employees
    America has become a place so messed up with political correctness that it is embarrassing to many of us. Today, Aug. 2, 2013, FoxNews reports that the City of Seattle, Washington is the latest city to ban certain words and/or phrases by it's...
  • Seattle
    Seattle to city workers: 'Citizen', 'brown bag' not to be used in official docs
    On Thursday, KOMO reported that the city of Seattle has issued a memo telling city workers the terms "citizen" and "brown bag" are no longer acceptable for city documents and discussions.A memo released by the Office for Civil...
  • Fly fishing watches: keeping time while on the water
    Fly fishing watches: keeping time while on the water
    Watches have been around a long time, allowing us humans to keep track of time where ever we may be. The first watches date back to the 1500's. Since then, they've come a long way, from the advent of precision mechanical and automatic...
  • History lesson:  Does your vote really count America?
    History lesson: Does your vote really count America?
    Voting is more than a simple right; it is a responsibility and privilege. All eligible citizens living in the U.S. give the voice of the people to the government by voting in every election.Bear in mind that not all individuals over 18 years can...
  • The Christian's Voting Dilemma
    A Christian's Voting Dilemma
    “Judge not,” is a portion of scripture that many people know and use when a Christian speaks up about the issues, such as when Chik-Fil-A’s CEO, Dan Cathy, spoke up about traditional Biblical marriage. It brought out the...
  • September 17 is Citizenship Day
    September 17 is Citizenship Day
    Almost every day is a day to celebrate something.September 17 is Citizenship Day. What is Citizenship Day?Citizenship Day is also knownas Constitution Day. It is an American federal observance that recognizes the adoption of the United States...
  • 'Native Iraqi translator for American Military, Ahmed Abdullah
    'Native Iraqi translator, living in Lawton, Oklahoma, aspires to be a citizen'
    It all started with the American hard rock band, Metallica. Ahmed Abdullah was tired of the same old Arabic love songs, so he and a friend went to one of only two record stores in the country of Iraq looking for some American music; He wanted...
  • Burns Flat Cross
    The sitcom that led to Rome
    Read Acts 22:22 – 23:11 or read it in parallel format.If Luke were alive today, he probably would have not opted to be a doctor. He had far too much potential to spend his life healing the sick. He would have been a screen writer. He would...
  • Venezuela-Colombia Border
    Accused American Mercenary Detained in Venezuela
    CARACAS -- Officials at the US Embassy in Venezuela made contact with an American detainee earlier this morning, according to sources at Reuters. Suspected of being a mercenary by Venezuelan authorities, the individual has been jailed for at least...
  • Declaration of Independence
    To our “leaders” you have been served
    Today is July 4th. Prior to being called “the Fourth of July” it was known as Independence Day. It is a holiday that celebrates our independence from tyrannical rulers that looked down at the colonists as not important enough to have a...
  • Best of "Project Citizen" entries presented at St. Lucie County's showcase
    Best of "Project Citizen" entries presented at St. Lucie County's showcase
    Samuel S.Gaines Academy located at 2250 S. Jenkins Road, Ft. Pierce, FL, 34947, recently was thehost school where Middle and K-8 schools presented their best projects developed by students inseventh grade civics classes in the St. Lucie County...