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  • Chantix and alcohol consumption linked to seizures
    Troubled Chantix (varenicline) label updated with new warning
    The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has just announced the creation of an updated label for Chantix (varenicline, known as Champix in the UK), a psychotropic drug approved in 2006 to help smokers quit smoking. The new label includes a...
  • Combination of Chantix and patch reported more effective for smoking cessation
    Combination of Chantix and patch reported more effective for smoking cessation
    Mark Twain once said, “Giving up smoking is easy… I’ve done it hundreds of times.” The quote illustrates the fact that, although many smokers have a strong desire to quit, kicking the habit is extremely difficult. A new...
  • Chantix under fire
    FDA schedules meeting to review Chantix
    On Friday, theFood and Drug Administrationannounced that a group of psychiatric drug experts are scheduled to meet in October to review the smoking cessation drug Chantix and its side effects.Since 2009, Chantix has carried the strongest warning...
  • Quit smoking: conventional treatments.
    How to quit smoking: conventional treatments.
    A multitude of products have been on sale to stop people from smoking. Nicorette gum or lozenges, nicoderm patches, and prescribed anti-depressants pills. Still, smoking remains an issue for many individuals. A lot of people trying to quit have...
  • Anti-smoking drug proving effectiveness in reducing alcohol cravings
    Chantix effective in curbing alcohol abuse
    Recent research is supporting the efficacy of using Chantix (varenicline) pill to reduce cravings for alcohol abuse. Yesterday’s Boston Globe reported that the popular stop-smoking drug reduced cravings and alcohol use in 200 people in a...
  • Cigarette
    FDA: Stop-smoking drug Chantix may boost heart risks
    In a Dec. 12 updated safety announcement, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a warning regarding the cardiovascular risks associated with the quit-smoking drug Chantix (varenicline). The agency reported a higher incidence of non-fatal...
    Chantix risks extremely dangerous
    Researchers believe FDA should increase warnings on stop smoking drugBack in July published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal were findings of a study which had shown the stop smoking medication Chantix from Pfizer greatly increase...
  • New study on smoking cessation during pregnancy
    New study on smoking cessation during pregnancy
    One out of five women in Los Angeles currently smoke; some of these women are pregnant or attempting pregnancy. Because smoking is harmful to both the mother and her developing fetus, most pregnant smokers make an effort to quit. A new study has...
  • The tobacco end of a cigarette
    Chantix ups risk of cardiovascular event by 72%
    One third of the people in Birmingham smoke. A variety of smoking cessation programs are offered at cost and free throughout Birmingham and particularly by the University of Alabama Lung Health Center."A new study by researchers at Wake...
  • Chantix
    Chantix: Immense rise in cardiovascular issues probable
    Pfizer’s smoking cessation medication greatly increases the risk for cardio eventsThe results published this morning in the Canadian Medical Association Journal based on a meta-analysis which had examined 14 clinical trails involving 8,216...
  • Taking a chance with Chantix? You be the judge
    Taking a chance with Chantix? You be the judge
    Grand Rapids users of the smoking-cessation drug varenicline (Chantix) may be interested to know they may be increasing their risk of heart problems or other serious adverse cardiovascular event according to an analysis of randomized trials. The...
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