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  • Harry Reid
    Harry Reid blames Koch brothers for global warming
    It seems the Koch brothers live rent-free in the mind of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, the Nevada Democrat derided as "Dingy Harry" by many conservatives. Early Wednesday morning, Reid issued a tweet blaming the Koch brothers for...
  •  Senator John McCain (R,Az)
    McCain censured by his own party for his 'liberal record'
    In an unprecedented move, the Arizona Republican Party in Tempe voted today to censure their longtime United States Senator and former Presidential candidate, John McCain, for being "insufficiently conservative." The voice vote...
  • John McCain
    Maricopa County GOP censures John McCain for legislating like a liberal Democrat
    On Saturday, the Maricopa County, Ariz., Republican Party censured Sen. John McCain for his “betrayal” of party values, BixPac Review reported.McCain has been criticized by many conservatives as a "Republican in name only,"...
  • Lindsey Graham
    South Carolina Tea Party drafts resolution calling for ouster of Lindsey Graham
    On Monday, Breitbart News reported that South Carolina Tea Party activists have drafted a resolution calling for the replacement of Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., citing 29 points against the Republican senator.In August, the Chesterfield County GOP...
  • Council censures mayor
    Rio Rancho councilors lay out their case against Mayor Swisstack
    Many citizens came to speak their mind to the city council this past Wednesday evening about Councilor Clayton's resolution to censure the Mayor, but it was the council who laid out the case against Swisstack. Mayor Swisstack, who admitted to...
  • Jeffco school board censures Boggs again
    Boggs censured again by Jeffco school board
    All eligible voting members of the Jefferson County Board of Education passed a motion to censure board member Laura Boggs for her on-air agreement with a radio show host’s suggestion that Superintendent Cindy Stevenson “should be shot...
  • Brilliant Flag
    Ten Reasons Why Your Liberties Are Being Lost
    It would now appear that the Democratically inspired, Rino approved onslaught against America's independence and freedom has been doubled down upon as of late. As the Conservatives battle to drag the leftist perpe-traitors out into the light-...
  • The Keyboard Cops
    Facebook and Obama Fire Back at The Right: 'This group scheduled to be archived'
    Facebook has been taking down Conservative Facebook groups all over the Facebook site. Sources indicate that a number of Allen West groups, among many others, have simply "disappeared." All of this, shortly after Obama's appearance...
  • Charles Rangel
    Rep. Charles Rangel censured by House (video)
    Rep. Charles Rangel censured by House (video)In mid-November, Rep. Charles Rangel was found guilty of 11 counts of violating House ethics rules. On Thursday, the Congressman was censured by the House in a 333-79 vote.The 20-term House Democrat was...
  • Rangel admits to mistakes, but not to wrongdoing.
    Unrepentant Charles Rangel censured in House Vote
    Congressman Charles Rangel, (D-NY) was censured in a House vote today. While admitting that he made "mistakes" he called the vote political in nature.Censure is the strongest action that the House can take against a lawmaker short of...
  • Pelosi announces Rangel censure
    Video: Pelosi announces Charles Rangel punishment
    Pelosi announces Charles Rangel punishmentWASHINGTON, D.C. -- Today an announcement came in from the Washington Post that Charles Rangelhad received censure as his punishment for the 11 violations he committed, including violations that involved...
  • Charlie "I am not corrupt" Rangel faces censure for ethics violations
    Charlie "I am not corrupt" Rangel faces censure for ethics violations
    On Thursday the House ethics committee followed the recommendation of chief counsel Blake Chisam and voted to censure Rep Charlie Rangel of New York. Rangel would be the 23rd memberof Congress to be censured and the first since 1983. Rangel was re...
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