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  • I have another brainy idea
    I have another brainy idea
    Faithful readers know of my occasional business ventures that never seem to pan out. You may remember my invention for powdered water and still some may recall my ill-fated idea of opening a store to rent out books, like the old video stores. Then...
  • Blue diamond
    More former-people are spending eternity as a precious diamond
    Forget the cemetery. How about spending eternity dangling from someone’s ear, hanging around a beloved one’s neck, or adorning the finger of your favorite great, great, great, great, great, great granddaughter?For less than the price...
  • Indiana Soldiers Home, Tippecanoe County, May 2012
    Indiana Soldiers Home, Tippecanoe County, May 2012
    After the Civil War, many veterans with wounds and illnesses incurred during the war were left with little or no help. Legislators argued about what could, or should be done.Soldier’s homes sprang up throughout the states. By 1886, a site...
  • Memorial Day
    Memorial Day: Why we celebrate and remember
    By the time the last Minnie ball had found it's mark, and the last mother's son had been laid to rest, townspeople all across the land, without direction or by political or military authority, were already remembering those who were dead...
  • Old Point Loma Lighthouse
    Exploring Cabrillo National Monument
    On the tip of Point Loma stands a statue built of stone. He is Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo. Cabrillo National Monument was established in 1913 to commemorate Cabrillo’s arrival to San Miguel in 1542. The area was renamed San Diego when another...
  • The Grave Marker
    Haunting in Washta
    Humans have always been mystified by the supernatural. We watch scary movies knowing that we will become frightened. We visit haunted houses just for the fun of being scared. Ratings have gone through the roof in recent years for shows that...
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