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  • Sacha Baron Cohen in 2013
    Sacha Baron Cohen to play Freddie Mercury in long-awaited biopic
    It’s been years in the making, but it looks like Sacha Baron Cohen’s biopic about Freddie Mercury is finally coming to fruition. On Saturday, Entertainment Weekly revealed that Queen manager Jim Beach has officially confirmed the news...
  • Money and Violence
    Money and Violence Web Series Makes its Mark
    The word is definitely out. Money and Violence, a web series based out of Flatbush, Brooklyn, has gained some serious momentum since its unpublicized debut in August of 2014. Averaging around three to four hundred thousand views per episode and...
  • Tupac music for sale
    Jay-Z purchasing Tupac’s music catalog found to be untrue
    The power move of Jay-Z buying Tupac’s music catalog has been confirmed by has been confirmed to be not true.It was reported this weekend on social media, particularly by, that the Rap Mogul, Jay-Z and Roc...

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