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  • Dancer Emilio Dosal being interviewed
    Dancers of SYTYCD feels like a homecoming for the LA tour stop
    It’s been a successful run of Season 11’s “So You Think You Can Dance Tour” that commenced in New Orleans last October and continued to more than 70 stops in the U.S. and Canada. For the dancers on the tour who make Los...
  • Eileen Davidson
    Eileen Davidson apologizes to Brandi Glanville; Brandi bashes Andy Cohen
    Eileen Davidson has apologized to Brandi Glanville. On Wednesday, Jan. 28, Eileen tweeted an apology to Brandi for calling her style of dressing "hooker chic" during her Tuesday night appearance on Andy Cohen's "Watch What...
  • Chelsea Handler gets back to her roots with a visit to Jeruselem
    Chelsea Handler gets serious
    Comedian Chelsea Handler has decided to take her career in a new direction. She is now tackling more serious projects. Chelsea was in Jerusalem this week working on a few projects.Jspacenews is reported on January 27, 2015 that the funny lady...

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  • Taylor Swift: Hackers Threaten To Release Nude Photos
    Taylor Swift: Hackers Threaten To Release Nude Photos
    Our favorite young, former-Nashville-resident, singer, and entertainer hero Taylor Swift is so classy that not even vile hackers can get her down or put her off her stride. Watch the attached video 'Taylor Swift Hackers Threaten To Release...
  • Taylor Swift: 11 Best Dance Moments of 2014
    Taylor Swift: 11 Best Dance Moments of 2014
    We love all things Taylor Swift and we really liked the attached video '11 Best Taylor Swift Dance Moments of 2014' in which there is a discussion of her best dance moves for 2014. Of course it is her singing that we love most, but we also...
  • True Food Kitchen Kale Avocado Dip
    Celebrity hotspot True Food Kitchen wants to liven up your Super Bowl party
    There's as much buzz going around for Super Bowl parties as there is for the Big Game itself, but how do you make your party stand out from everyone else's? How about serving something that's a favorite of celebrities?True Food Kitchen...