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  • SAVING ABEL coming back to Casper, Wyoming
    SAVING ABEL coming back to Casper, Wyoming
    If you haven't heard yet, or you have and haven't gotten your tickets, go down to Sonic Rainbow or Gig Works today and get your $17 tickets for the SAVING ABEL show Friday, May 8, 2015 at the Hall of Champions. Tickets will be $20 at the...
  • 'Casper' is worth seeing
    'Casper' is worth seeing
    As this column works its way through the pantheon of Halloween heroes, it is important that it not overlook that classic, old-school horror figure, the ghost. For Halloween, many people dress as ghosts. From evil insurgents to traumatized...
  • Lil Bub fundraises for special needs pets
    Lil Bub raises money for paralyzed cat at Tabby's Place Cat Sanctuary
    Many of us are familiar with Lil Bub (who just turned three), but we are perhaps less familiar with her efforts to help other cats. She works with the ASPCA, raising funds for special-needs animals. Recently, her joint efforts with the ASPCA...
  • Hanging out with The Farthest Edge
    Hanging out with The Farthest Edge
    On their latest trip to Casper’s Sandbar Lounge, The Farthest Edge stuck around to hang out and catch me up on what has been going on lately with the band. After their set at the Sandbar, I joined the band at the Casper Café for breakfast...
  • The Farthest Edge in Casper
    The Farthest Edge in Casper
    Casper was once again lucky enough to get a really amazing band to the area, The Farthest Edge ROCKED the Sandbar Lounge! I can’t say enough good things about these guys. Their music is powerful and loud, the kinds of tunes that make you...
  • JLo threatens lawsuit
    JLo threatens lawsuit
    JLo and Casper Smart are spitting mad at the reports that Casper is gay. Reports stated that Casper was caught in a “gay sex club” and an “exotic massage parlor”. JLo and Casper are threating a law suit against those who...
  • Dan Pass with a Miracle Mile brown
    WY's North Platte proving to be a viable winter option
    The North Platte's famous Miracle Mile stretch is fishing well despite sub-zero temperatures in the Rockies. Traveling winter fly fishers like Denver-based realtor Dan Pass recently headed north for some fun on the water and had a blast."...
  • Time for a Change
    Halloween Movies for Kids Anymore?
    It seems that in the Halloween department, apart for companies like Disney, children do not get the Halloween movie experience that past generations have been able to. There were movies like Casper, Hocus Pocus, or Escape to Witch Mountain. These...
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