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  • Dynamic Airways kicks off service from Florida to Caracas, Venezuela
    Dynamic Airways kicks off service from Florida to Caracas, Venezuela
    North Carolina based Dynamic International Airways began service this week to Caracas with its inaugural flight departing Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport on July 17th.The flight, complete with a gate-side ribbon cutting ceremony at...
  • Damarys Ruiz, Miss Venezuela, dies homeless: Damarys Ruiz revealed what happened
    Damarys Ruiz, Miss Venezuela, dies homeless: Damarys Ruiz revealed what happened
    Damarys Ruiz, a Miss Venezuela beauty queen with a law degree, dies after having spent the last 15 years homeless. Damarys Ruiz was adored by family members, friends, and fans when she represented her home state of Sucre in the 1973 Miss Venezuela...
  • Damarys Ruiz Miss Venezuela
    Damarys Ruiz, Miss Venezuela 1973, dies after fall from stardom, life on streets
    Damarys Ruiz, a former Miss Venezuela, dies after a heartbreaking fall from a life as a top model to a homeless vagabond living alone on the streets of Venezuela’s capital city of Caracas. Beauty and fame certainly cannot last forever, but...
  • World's tallest slum
    World's tallest slum being evacuated by government, occupants relocated
    On Tuesday, some 3,000 people were moved out of one of the largest buildings in Venezuela as part of the country’s Great Housing Mission project. The unfinished building, originally called the Centro Financiero Confianzas when construction...
  • Sombrero Island
    Favorite spots and activities in Venezuela
    Venezuela a place with beautiful people and awesome places to visit, this is just a little taste of this beautiful country.360 and Crepes & Waffles: Restaurants and lounges are abundant in Caracas. 360 is a lounge where visitors can enjoy a...
  • Caracas at dawn
    6 safety tips traveling to dangerous but awesome and exotic cities like Caracas
    To get rid of many concerns about your trip try to book with a tourist company that’ll pick you up and travel around to nicer places. In dangerous places like the capital of Venezuela it’s better to move around with a trustworthy local...
  • A visitor takes a picture of the painting 'Dance' by Henri Matisse at the State Hermitage museum in St. Petersburg, Russia.
    Second stolen painting of Henri Matisse recovered in Miami Beach
    A second painting of the famed modern artist Henri Matisse was allegedly stolen in 2002, but has been recovered. The first stolen painting, "Luxembourg Garden" has never been found.The recovered painting, "Odalisque in Red Pants...
  • Good News
    The media in the South American nation pressed with a diminishing role
    The South American country Venezuela, faces a highly politically and contested election on Oct. 2012. The media showdown with the current administration continues to be antagonized by an incremental number of regulations issued by the state with a...
  • Vegan friendly food finds at Rockaway Beach
    Vegan friendly food finds at Rockaway Beach
    Summer isn’t over yet! In fact, now is a better time than ever to visit Rockaway Beach, NY: less people, less humidity, less people… and as a vegan, you will not be hard up for snacks at all while you are there, thanks to Rockaway...
  • Twopcharts Caracas Twitter ranks
    Twitter data for top four Twitterers in Caracas
    Twopcharts, website started two years ago, was created to monitor the most interesting Twitter users in the Dutch language. With its initial premise, now the website has expanded its tracking of the most influential Twitter accounts in 11...
  • Tierra del Fuego
    Argentina: Ushuaia
    At the realization that we were climbing up a glacier in jeans and tennis shoes, we decided to stop going upward or we’d end up like Sylvester Stallone in that one movie where he’s climbing mountains; you know, the one where we’d...
  • The Beagle Channel in Ushuaia
    Argentina: Tierra del Fuego
    Tierra del Fuego; the “Land of Fire,” my ass. This place is, for lack of a better description, f’ing freezing. Literally. There’s snow, frost, ice, and face-chapping coldness everywhere. After spending the last three months...
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