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  • Cancer and Diet
    My Doctor told me to avoid Blueberries? But Chocolate is ok!
    Written by: Dr. Adam McLeod, ND, BSc(Hons)I frequently hear from patients that their Medical Doctor bluntly told them to forget changing their diet because it does not make a difference, even though this is not accurate based on a large body of...
  • Michigan City Native Karin Nowatzke
    Michigan City Woman Discusses her Journey with Lymphedema
    Lymphedema is a condition when painful swelling occurs in your arms or legs as a result of your lymph nodes being removed or damaged during cancer treatment. This condition has impacted an estimated 80 percent of cancer survivors who have had...
  • Halo Found Hope by Helo Matzelle
    Mom Fights for Her Life and Her Faith
    Part 2 of an interview with Helo Matzelle,Author of Halo Found HopeMachines beeping, the blur of medical staff running, a crash cart whizzing into an ICU room, was there any hope?Helo Matzelle laid packed in ice as doctors attempted to somehow...
  • Muscle-building pills can cause testicular cancer
    Risk of developing testicular cancer from muscle building supplements
    Be careful with those muscle-building pills and powders for an immaculate shape. Disturbing examination demonstrates that men who took muscle-building supplements reported a fundamentally higher danger of creating testicular growth than men who...
  • stomach cancer
    Your breath could help determine if you have stomach cancer in the future
    Your breath might determine in the future, whether or not you have stomach cancer or are in danger of getting it someday. According to a report by World Tech Today on April 14, scientists in Israel are testing a new technology that can take &lsquo...
  • 'The Fault in Our Stars' is a metaphor for perfect love
    'The Fault in Our Stars' is a metaphor for perfect love
    “The Fault in Our Stars” is a heartbreakingly beautiful story which brings together two people walking down the same frigid and lonely road and allows them, just for a moment, to have their paths entwined. The love that is born between...
  • Hulk Hogan
    Hulk Hogan announced as grand marshal for Susan G. Komen cancer race
    The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation announced Monday that former pro wrestler and WWE Hall of Famer, Hulk Hogan, will be the official grand marshal for its 2015 Race for the Cure. The 5K walk-or-run marathon will be taking place in...
  •  Singer Taylor Swift and her mom
    Taylor Swift's mom has been diagnosed with cancer
    On the surface it appears as if Taylor Swift has all of the ingredients needed for unusual happiness in life including talent, fame, good looks, and wealth. However, she has been hit with a tragedy which has certainly shaken up her life. TV Guide...
  • Taylor Swift fights for healthier days with her mother for many years to come
    Taylor Swift fights for healthier days with her mother for many years to come
    Taylor Swift's four vulnerable words this morning, “Just so you know...” served as a painful notice that everything has seemingly changed for the beautiful songstress. In a prayerful tumblr letter to her millions of fans and...
  • Taylor Swift and her mother
    Taylor Swift tells her fans via Tumblr that her mother Andrea has cancer
    Earlier today, April 9, Taylor Swift told her fans via Tumblr that her mother, Andrea Finlay, has cancer. It's likely that Swift picked Tumblr because it allowed her to write a more detailed announcement than she'd be allowed on Twitter....
  • Taylor Swift's mom has cancer
    Andrea Finlay cancer news: What kind of cancer does Taylor Swift’s mom have?
    Taylor Swift’s mom, Andrea Finlay has been diagnosed with cancer. The popular singer let her fans know about the situation of her family’s latest fight online Thursday morning. According to CNN on Thursday, the announcement to the fans...
  • Taylor Swift's mom has cancer
    Taylor Swift’s mom has cancer: Andrea Finlay diagnosed earlier this year
    Andrea Finlay’s cancer news has Taylor Swift fans sad and praying for the popular singer’s family. In what has to be a first, Taylor Swift announced to her fan base on Thursday the difficult news and she hasn’t written a song...
  • New ways in which smoking can kill you
    New ways in which smoking can kill you
    If you have any doubts of the danger of smoking, new research reported in the New England Journal of Medicine has added to the list of ways smoking contributes to premature death.Twenty-one diseases have been identified where smokers have 2 to 3...
  • C. elegans, the cancer-sniffing nematode
    Cancer-sniffing worms
    This may be disgusting-sounding to the majority of people, but when it comes to detection of cancer, nothing can be more important. So, grossness aside, a group of scientists (see PLoS ONE’s article:
  • Handbrake cowl pattern funds cance research
    Cowl knitting pattern funds cancer research
    "Let's put the 'Handbrake' on cancer!" is the slogan adopted by Dan and Kay Jones, a British couple who knit together and air delightful podcasts from their Darlington, UK, home on YouTube. 100% of the sales from their new...
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