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  • Tax credits for parents
    Tax saving credits and deductions for parents in 2014, 2015
    When the 2015 tax season comes around it is important to make sure that you are claiming all of the tax benefits that you are eligible for. Busy parents usually do not have much time to do the research to find out about all of the tax credits and...
  • Affordable Health Care Tax Credits
    How the Obamacare tax credits work for 2013, 2014
    Approximately, six million out of seven million people who are expected to purchase health coverage from the new insurance marketplaces throughout the next year are going to be classified as low and middle income.This will allow them to get tax...
  • Tips for quick GPA generation
    Quick tips for home-school GPA generation
    A lot of home-school students take community college courses while still in high school (often called dual enrollment), and usually those colleges require a transcript for admissions. Not only do they require a transcript, but they will also want...
  • How college students win big with student tax credits
    How college students win big with student tax credits
    The cost of an education is more expensive now than ever. To help students’ mange the expenses of high tuition, textbooks, and more, the U.S. Government provides several sizable student tax credits. These credits are available to students...
  • Calculating home-school grades is easy
    Calculating home-school semester grades
    If your home-schooled high school student plans to attend college, it's important to assign them grades on their transcript, but before creating complicated grading rubrics, check with your state law to see if it is really necessary. And...
  • Federal income tax guides for 2005 are seen at the Des Plaines Public Library March 23, 2006 in Des Plaines, Illinois.
    Give Yourself Credit: Residential Energy Credits
    There are some little known ways that individuals can reduce or eliminate their tax liability. Other than having a child, here are some credits that if you qualify, can make the difference between a balance due and a tax liability.Non-business...
  • Lori, a home educator story continued
    Lori, a home educator story continued
    Lori Moncecchi has taught her children in the comfort of her home for almost thirty years. She has been a part of the changes that make home schooling so attractive for so many families, today.Home education has less of the stigma than it once had...
  • 4-H offers many opportunities for learning
    Counting 4-H for home-school credit
    I love hearing about home-school families involved in 4-H! As a rule of thumb, ALL 4-H activities are educational in nature, just like Eagle Scouting is almost always educational in nature. It’s fun to discuss the different ways to divide...
  • University of Washington offers Coursera courses for free
    University of Washington offers Coursera courses for free
    Tons of colleges (and home-schoolers) are jumping on the open courseware bandwagon. The University of Washington is the latest on the scene. The University recently joined a prestigious national venture, Coursera, to offer free online courses. A...
  • Staff credits missing from L.A. Noire upsets developers
    Staff credits missing from L.A. Noire upsets developers
    An approximated 130 Australian developers who worked on L.A. Noire are upset to see their names missing from the credits for the game. After four years of work put into it, their names are nowhere to be found. L.A. Noire is said to be the best...
  • Make sure those summer classes at other universities will count before enrolling.
    Time Running Out for Preapproval of Summer Transfer Credits
    At Northwestern PA colleges and universities as well as institutions across the state, the end of the spring semester is only a few weeks away. College students need to investigate their college's requirements for transferpre-approval of any...
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