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  • Arizona Coyotes logo
    Report: Arizona Coyotes have the second best logo in the NHL
    The Hockey News loves the Arizona Coyotes, not as much as the Chicago Blackhawks, but hey some love is better than none.On Thursday The Hockey News announced that the Coyotes’ logo is second in its rankings of the NHL’s 30 logos....
  • Facts about Coyotes
    Facts about Coyotes
    The coyote appears often in the tales and traditions of Native Americans—usually as a very savvy and clever beast. Modern coyotes have displayed their cleverness by adapting to the changing American landscape. These members of the dog family...
  • The Arizona Coyotes signed forward Brandon McMillan to a one-year deal
    Arizona Coyotes sign McMillan, Szwarz and add some muscle
    The Arizona Coyotes may have lost some of their scoring options in recent weeks but a few transactions this week have strengthened the team and bolstered their rosters depth.On Tuesday, July 16, Coyotes General Manager Don Maloney announced the...
  • Former Arizona Coyotes forward Mike Ribeiro
    Arizona Coyotes cut ties with Mike Ribeiro
    On Friday the Arizona Coyotes were busy preparing for the 2014 NHL Entry Draft and celebrating their name change from the Phoenix Coyotes. Despite the promise of a new name and new talent to be drafted the Coyotes came back to the harsh realities...
  • New Arizona Coyotes wordmark
    On Friday the Phoenix Coyotes become the Arizona Coyotes
    Friday, June 27 is a big day for the Phoenix Coyotes. That evening they will be picking 12th overall in that 2014 NHL Entry Draft and it is the first day that the franchise will be known as the Arizona Coyotes.“We are very excited that our...
  • The Phoenix Coyotes on April 13, 2014 At Arena in Glendale, Arizona.
    Arizona Coyotes release their 2014-15 schedule
    The Arizona Coyotes released their 2014-15 regular season on Sunday. The 82-game schedule is equally split with 41 home and away games. The Coyotes open up the 2014-15 regular season on October 9 when they host the Winnipeg Jets at
  • Animal cruelty
    Two cats in Florida killed by coyote, not human
    Two cats originally thought to have been mutilated and killed by a person in Lakeland, Fla., were actually slayed by a coyote, according to the Lakeland Police Department.The new conclusion is based on an expert analysis of genetic material...
  • The new Coyotes shoulder patch
    New Arizona Coyotes uniform patch
    The Phoenix Coyotes unveiled, via Twitter on Thursday, their new Arizona Coyotes shoulder patch. On June 29 the Phoenix Coyotes will be re-branded as the Arizona Coyotes. The prior patch was essentially the same as new one but had PHX instead of...
  • Handling clashes with coyotes
    Handling clashes with coyotes
    DuPage County and many other sectors of Illinois have become inundated with coyote issues. In order to train residents how to best handle clashes with coyotes, Riverside is hosting a seminar. This is not any seminar, though. An expert from The...
  • Disoriented Florida coyote rescued from Intracoastal Waterway on Singer Island
    Disoriented Florida coyote rescued from Intracoastal Waterway on Singer Island
    A homeowner, on Singer Island in Palm Beach County, chased what she thought was a stray dog off of her waterfront property on Friday afternoon and saw the animal jump into the Intracoastal Waterway reported Terri Parker, reporter for
  • Wheaton dog owners be on the lookout
    Wheaton dog owners be on the lookout
    According to Wheaton City Officials and this video, which includestwo national coyote experts sharing their advice, and Amie Schaenzer, Editor of Wheaton Patch, coyotes are likely to be more visible in our area in the month of February. February...
  • Coyotes in Milwaukee
    Coyotes in Milwaukee
    Milwaukee is an urban habitat for wildlife and coyotes have made themselves at home in the city.About the size of a medium dog they have a grey mottled coat with a semi-bush tail held no higher than the top line. They have a narrow muzzle and...
  • The beautiful Phoenix area landscape in the Arizona sun
    Flyers fans, head to Arizona to beat the winter chill
    The New Year is almost upon us, and the Philly area has already been in a deep freeze, even before winter has officially rolled around. When the calendar turns to 2014 into January, winter will be at its peak. Warmer temperatures will be on the...
  • Coyote_Arizona
    Suburban coyotes: new threat from old foe
    Long considered a scourge of livestock by ranchers and farmers in the Western US, the creature some call the "Singing Dog" has added domestic pets to the menu as its ever-expanding range continues to encroach on populous areas. Rarely a...
  • Coyotes like this one attacked a Colorado man
    Colorado man fights back and survives attack by 3 coyotes
    Andrew Dickehage is one lucky guy. The young man was walking to work early Monday morning from his home in Longmont when he was attacked by a trio of vicious coyotes. “Good Morning America” aired the segment on Oct. 17 as they reported...
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