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  • Compassionate Comfort
    We are comforted to comfort others
    It seems when life may be the toughest for us, we find ourselves lifting others up in encouragement. After pouring out our all to family, career or just everyday crises, we typically feel we have nothing left to give. At these junctures,...
  • Corporation counsel openings
    Corporation counsel openings
    The New York City Law Department located at 100 Church Street, New York, NY 10007, in the Special Litigation Division, is seeking to hire three Assistant Corporation Counsels. The starting annual salary for these experienced positions will be $66...
  • The pre-creation determinate counsel of the Godhead
    The pre-creation determinate counsel of the Godhead
    It is not unusual for the average Bible reader to fail to notice certain scriptures as being of much importance. In fact, we are all probably guilty of that at times. It seems that one of those is that of the following:"Him, being delivered...
  • Seeking God in the wake of the Sandy Hook shootings (Video)
    Seeking God in the wake of the Sandy Hook shootings (Video)
    The small town of Newtown, Connecticut is definitely at the doorstep of our heavenly Father today and will be for years to come. They want to be comforted. They want to know why it happened. They want to know if they will ever know peace again....
  • Doctor
    Controversial online therapy may be unethical, ineffective
    Have you ever deleted an email or comment after having second thoughts? You may have realized how ridiculous it sounded once it was typed out so you rephrased it or just omitted it entirely.That is an advantage for many couples and individuals,...
  • Dearborn vets hold 11th annual commemoration of Korean War Wednesday
    Dearborn vets hold 11th annual commemoration of Korean War Wednesday
    Dearborn veterans held their 11th annual ceremony Wednesday to honor those who served during the Korean War.The event commemorated the 61st anniversary of the Korean conflict, and observed the July 27 armistice that was signed 58 years ago. The...
  • Closed and Closing Businesses, Old York Road, PA
    If you have recently joined the ranks of the unemployed, as I have, you are probably familiar with some of the struggles. Evaluation of self, circumstances, and prospects can be depressing. Negative patterns in a job history can lead the...
  • You cannot have a good husband without a good wife. They just go together.
    How to have a good marriage part three
    Be a Good Wife: Genesis 2:18-24 Then the LORD God made a woman from the rib he had taken out of the man, and he brought her to the man. The man said, "This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called `woman, ' for...
  • It sure isn't Hollywood!!
    Lindsay Lohan in jail
    For the past few years we have followed the ongoing legal saga of Lindsay Lohan. She may not be a local problem for us in Tucson, but she faces the same addictions that many Tucsonans do. But, most of those who face those ghosts in Tucson do not...
  • God sees and hears our anger.
    Anger from a Christian perspective, part two
    SB1070 is not the only point of contention here in Tucson. State budget cuts have wreaked havoc with education, law enforcement, and welfare. People are unhappy and unsure of what lies ahead. They are angry! We must deal with our own anger. We are...
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