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  • Remembering Congressman Spence and Captain Taylor
    Remembering Congressman Floyd Spence and Captain Charles Taylor on Memorial Day
    As a new law enforcement correspondent for The Columbia Record in 1980 and 1981 the present writer was required to work with the men and women who served the people who were readers and subscribers to the metropolitan daily newspaper. This...
  • All I want for Christmas
    All I Want For Christmas Is Better Late... Than Never
    Well it's the second day of 2014....Happy New Year.A few short weeks ago, I was asked to create a list of gift ideas.So I attempted to put one up on the refrigerator except for the longest time, nothing was written on it. Then finally a movie...
  • Chicago Congressmen
    Congressmen want Chicago harbor renamed
    Two black congressmen said they fully expect the Chicago Park District Board to vote on August 8 in favor of renaming a popular Chicago harbor after a famous, black woman.“It’s not a question of if they will rename it but a matter of...
  • Afghani Border
    Allen West, A Congressman with True Grit...Fast and Furious
    Lt. Colonel West commanded the 4th Infantry Division, 2nd Battalion, 20th Field Artillery Regiment near Tikrit, Iraq in 2003. In the days after Saddam’s regime fell, the Colonel was responsible for the lives and safety of 700 men and women ...
  • 9-11 Heroes
    Olson, Brady, Vote Against 9-11 Healthcare Bill
    Houston-area US House representatives Pete Olson and Kevin Brady voted on Wednesday against the 9-11 First Responders' Health Care bill. They were among 59 House Republicans who voted against the bill. The US Senate Republicans, fearing "...
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