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  • Portland chatter
    What supporters are saying about Sunday Assembly Portland
    Sunday Assembly Portland is part of the Sunday Assembly global movement of planting local godless congregations in communities that would like to have one. What do we do at Sunday Assembly? A good way to imagine what we do is to think of a church...
  • Smaller racial groups in a church as less involved than the majority.
    Various racial groups do not experience church the same way
    People in a congregation's biggest racial group are more likely to be involved in their churches and to feel that they belong, whether the racial group is barely half or nearly all members, says a new study by Baylor University. The findings...
  • Church website template
    Church websites and conducting site visits
    Web analysts from all types of corporate backgrounds sometimes conduct "site visits" to glean more knowledge about the company and the customers they serve. So it follows that church website developers could lead similar types of visits,...
  • The Eitz Chaim Congregation of San Antonio
    Spotlight on Eitz Chaim Congregation of San Antonio
    San Antonio is home to many different flavors of churches, congregations, fellowships and other such communities of worship. One in particular that deserves more exposure is the Eitz Chaim Congregation (ECC) of San Antonio. Eitz Chaim is Hebrew...
  • Pastors encouraged to preach sermons about 'Man of Steel' in the pulpit
    Pastors encouraged to preach sermons about 'Man of Steel' in the pulpit
    According to the movie report on Monday, June 17, "Man of Steel" made $113.1 million over the weekend. Some people said the movie soared faster than a speeding bullet. "Man of Steel" broke the record for the biggest June...
  • Series: local churches in review, Grace Covenant, Cornelius
    Series: local churches in review, Grace Covenant, Cornelius
    Grace Covenant, an International Foursquare Denomination Church, is located in Cornelius, NC, off exit 25 near Target.Seating in the sanctuary is on the lower level and a balcony. Services (for adults) are at 8:00, 9:15, and 11:00 a.m. There is...
  • Letters of Support
    Church project uses letters, social media to spread God's love
    If and when political leaders or pop music icons accept Resurrection Fellowship's invitation to visit the northern Colorado church, its members say they will welcome them with the same love that turned a Stanford University professor into a...
  • Rev. Blanche E. Murphy
    Preacher says to congregation, 'The hype is over, now what?'
    Rev. Blanche E. Murphy preached at New Canaan Worship Center on Sunday, April 15, 2012.She used two passages for the sermon: Luke 24:44-53 and Matthew 28:19-20.Rev. Murphy began by bringing back to the remembrance of the congregation the events in...
  • Spiritual identity theft
    Pastor warns congregation about identity theft
    Rev. Lois Paige, pastor of New Canaan Worship Center in Richmond, Virginia talked to the congregation on Sunday, January 5, 2012 about identity theft.Her introduction to the sermon includedinformation abouthow people can steal ouridentity and...
  • Sunday Morning Service
    Church Spotlight: Church Under the Bridge
    What is the Church? Is it a building? Is it a place where Christians get together on Sundays? The answer is neither of these, but it is everyone who claims the name of Christ. The Church is found everywhere a Christian is found. It Is all over the...
  • Health and Justice Symposium
    The intersection of faith and health care
    In an economy where nonprofits are struggling, and a cultural climate where people can’t agree on climate change or evolution, faith-based organizations continue their long-standing tradition of providing support and safe dialogue for...
  • Church Steeples
    So many denominations and churches in Wichita. Is this good or bad?
    Have you noticed that there is an Ark load of churches in Wichita, Kansas? And amongst those many churches are many denominations. And even within those denominations there are differences among specific congregations. So here is my question for...
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