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  • Tyler Glenn of Neon Trees
    Neon Trees, Coin, Fictionist fantastic in concert at House of Blues Cleveland
    Neon Trees love the road so much that they’re willing to tour despite not having a new album out.“We’re playing small clubs again just to keep close to our fans,” vocalist Tyler Glenn reported during the band’s stop...
  • Fictionist
    Fictionist, Neon Trees to dispense musical truth at HOB Cleveland July 17th
    You know Provo’s Neon Trees for their slew of summery hits: “Animal,” “1983,” “Everybody Talks,” and “Sleeping with a Friend.”The colorful group is still touring behind its third full-length...
  • Coin Credit Card
    Coin Replaces Your Credit Cards With New Technology
    Rarely do I write about a new gadget or piece of technology that sparks an interest in me. But when I first saw Coin, the new physical/computerized credit card that stashes all of your current credit cards, store cards, and gift cards into one...
  • A lost coin
    A lost coin
    What do nails, obelisks and the Euro have to do with the parable of the lost coin in Luke 15:1-10? It was literally a silver drachma coin and once nails or metal sticks were used as coins called oboloi. Eventually 6 of these nails were worth a...
  • All-American Coin Buyers holds ribbon cutting
    All-American Coin Buyers is a family affair for Pensacola brothers
    The feeling of being at home sitting around the couch chatting with friends and family is part of the appeal of All-American Coin Buyers which recently held its ribbon cutting in Foley, Alabama.All-American Coin Buyers is a new family owned...
  • Winter Travel
    Standing Run About 1928
    I was at the gas station and a 1928 Ford run about convertable was there getting gas. It was in Proof condition as a car, as a coin it would of glowed. No scratches no mars the tires were jet black. I thought of the 1928 Standing Liberty Quarter....
  • Portsmouth Square 1850
    Money in gold rush San Francisco
    Adventurers from every quarter of the earth crowded into San Francisco in the early days, Europeans and Americans from the east coast mixed with Chinese, Japanese, and Hindus from Asia, Pacific Islanders, Mexicans, Central and South Americans as...
  • Haute Hippie-coin feather bib
    Haute Hippie-coin feather bib
    Neckpiece bibs are a fashion favorite in Michigan as well as a big trend around the world. Haute Hippie offers the 'Coin Feather Bib', a neckpiece made of golden layered feather coins. The coins are attached to a nude leather shoulder...
  • Operation Metal Gear and Cyber surveillance
    Operation Metal Gear and Cyber surveillance
    Anonymousis known most commonly for its popular activist movements likeOperation PaybackandEmpire State Rebellion, so when fringe conspiracies are addressed by the group it goes almost unnoticed. With the conclusiveproof presentedby the Operation&...
  • Petraeus blames 75% increase in violence on mild Afghan winter
    Petraeus blames 75% increase in violence on mild Afghan winter
    General David Petraeus now claims the reason the level of violence in Afghanistan has shot up 75% in 2011 versus 2010 is because of the unseasonably warm weather. Supposedly, it allows Taliban fighters more freedom of movement according to the...
  • John Lennon
    Deadline for ordering John Lennon Great Briton coin is TODAY!
    If you've been interested in ordering the Royal Mint Great Briton John Lennon coin, do it NOW! The ordering deadline is midnight UK time Dec. 9, which is 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT Dec. 8. (We just received the email this morning informing us.)The...
  • sunrise_23_april_2010.jpg
    Lost and Found: Looking at Luke 15
    A cause for celebration. My son was dead, but now he lives again.Read Luke 15The Pharisees serve as a catalyst for these three parables.They note that Jesus not only spends time with tax collectors and sinners, but he eats with them as well.It is...
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