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  • Dusty coffin found dumped on Brooklyn street with some human bones inside
    Coffin with human bones found dumped on Brooklyn street
    It's a case for Miss Marple or Detective Columbo. Today a casket full of bones was found on a Bushwick street in Brooklyn, New York. Officials have confirmed that it contained a number of human bones, and the location was not far from the...
  • Thomas Curry coffin empty: Boy who died while at reform school has an empty coffin
    Thomas Curry coffin empty: Missing body in grim 1925 death probe of 100 boys
    The former Florida Dozier School for Boys and its brutal history just doesn’t seem to have an ending to its gruesome finds. The exhumed coffin of a boy, Thomas Curry, who died while in the school’s care is the latest mystery...
  • Woman buried alive by mistake, screams heard coming from underground after burial
    Woman buried alive: Screams from grave scramble cemetery staff to dig up coffin
    Cemetery workers and mourners at a cemetery panicked when they heard muffled screams and banging from inside a coffin that had just been put in the ground and covered with dirt. The coffin lay under six-feet of freshly packed dirt, but the frantic...
  • Cell phone smuggled into Mexican prison in coffin of inmate’s mother
    Cell phone smuggled into Mexican prison in coffin of inmate’s mother
    Mexico City prison authorities announced Friday that they thwarted an attempt to smuggle a prohibited cell phone into a city prison, hidden inside the coffin of an inmate’s mother, according to Fox News on Friday, Aug. 2. Apparently...
  • Skeleton found in coffin
    Iowa man sells coffin and skeleton on Craigslist
    Dave Burgstrum had an item for sale, so he did what most people do. He placed the item on Craigslist. What was strange about this story? The item up for sale was a coffin.The coffin was priced at $12,000. But wait! If you order now, you will...
  • Spencer Johnson, Executive Producer and CEO of Skyrocket Productions
    Part 2: Interview with Spencer Johnson, Executive Producer and Film-Maker
    Anawardwinning prose writer with years of experience behind the scenes, Spencer Johnson has served as Casting Director, Assistant Director, Executive Producer and more. Spencer welcomes every project as an opportunity to efficiently manage a...
  • Civil War submarine
    New storyteller draws lightly on history
    "The Peripatetic Coffin and Other Stories" (Ecco, $13.99) marks the debut of short story writer Ethan Rutherford. He has been widely recognized as a short story writer, publishing in such reputable venues as "Ploughshares" and ...
  • 'Coffin' (2012) | poster
    'Coffin' - 2011 | movie review
    First, there was "Buried",then came "Brake".Finally, we arrive at "Coffin". All three films are about someone being buried alive, and all three films came out within a year of each other. As if the idea of buried...
  • J & D's Bacon Coffin
    For those who love bacon to death – the bacon coffin
    Leave it to the boys, excuse me, men at J & D’s Food, famous for Bacon Salt, Bacon Lip Balm, Bacon Microwave Popcorn, Bacon Lube (don’t ask), Bacon Baby Formula, Bacon Gravy and more to come up with one more J & D’s Bacon...
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