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  • Let's cheat
    Grand Theft Auto V: let's just cheat already
    Grand Theft Auto has been out since September 17, 2013. Gamers and even non gamers have been discussing this game in great detail. Not that we're blaming them it's hard not to talk. Rockstar outdid themselves and created a world so...
  • Rick Honeycutt Led Off the Field
    Fireworks on the diamond
    Happy 4th of July everyone! As you probably know, every ball park from Seattle to Miami will be having 4th of July fireworks displays after the games this week. These pyrotechnic extravaganzas will have the crowd oohing and aahing, as well as...
  • Cafe World Logo
    Cafe World: Everything you need to know!
    Cafe World is one of the many fun and addicting games by Zynga played on Facebook. In the game, you start up a tiny shop and grow it, burger by burger, into a large, thriving, 5-star restaurant. Starting out as a novice, you also improve your...
  • Screaming Mad
    Cheating the system, Or modding
    Every played a game for a while and found a point where you just can't get past, even when the answer is so obvious it's painful?We've all had this happen. Brand new game, Excitedness takes over and you rip it apart and pop it into...
  • roses
    Valentine's is the best time of year to tell if you lover is cheating on you
    Tis’ the season of candy, flowers, romantic meals and cheating.Does your spouse or significant other suddenly have plans to be away from home anytime within the next week….a convention or out of town meeting perhaps?That is just one...
  • Age of Empires III
    Where to get your cheat codes and when to use them.
    Cheat codes can be a wonderful thing indeed, but they can also destroy your interest in a good game. If it gets challenging, do not go straight to cheat codes, instead just try lowering the difficulty or just keep plugging away at it. When you use...
  • The Starcraft 2 BanHammer
    Why Blizzard is dead wrong for banning StarCraft 2 single-player cheaters
    It's a fact: as long as there are games of any style - from StarCraft 2 to Poker - there will be cheaters. As long as there are cheaters, silent watchers with giant banhammers will be ready to wipe them off the playing field. But Blizzard'...
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