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  • A tumor was growing teeth inside a baby boy's brain
    Tumor had teeth: 4-month-old suffers teeth in brain, boy survives cell surgery
    A tumor had teeth in what medical health experts are saying is an extremely rare case of a tumor growing in the brain. A 4-month old baby boy is believed to have had the first instance ever of actual teeth budding in his infant brain due to a...
  • Retina from Examiner photo of Retina Display
    Inkjet printing of retinal nerve cells a first
    The attached DNews video from YouTube gives a good video description about the Cambridge University study to print eye, nerve cells with an inkjet printer. The video was posted yesterday Dec. 18, 2013. Medical Xpress posted an article on the same...
  • Real healing
    True healing
    Fearlessness is not the absence of fear. It is facing the fear, or what you think is fear, and moving through it anyway. Doing what you believe is beyond your abilities, letting your big being direct your life. Letting go, do it anyway.As MT's...
  • Create community to truly accelerate change in your life
    Create community to truly accelerate change in your life
    Why is having a sense of being part of a community so vital for self growth?I think one of the keys to the answer can be found in this quote from Thomas Edison: The body is a community made up of its innumerable cells or inhabitants.I am not a...
  • Artistic depiction of the inner workings of a cell
    UC-Denver researchers find key genetic mutation responsible for bladder cancer
    Dr. Dan Theodorescu, director of the University of Colorado Cancer Center, has, in partnership with Chinese and Denmark university researchers, identified chromatin remodelingas a genetic basis for urothelial bladder cancer.The discovery has...
  • cell bingo 3
    Scientific tools and methods review websites
    From the upper elementary grades through high school, students are required to understand how scientists conduct investigations using the scientific methods. With Virginia SOLs starting in Hampton Roads as early as March it is not too early to...
  • cells 2
    Cell review games for science SOLs
    With those all important Virginia SOL exams coming up in May many Hampton Roads teachers, parents and students are reviewing now. Life science students in many districts like Suffolk covered cells in life science in the beginning of the year so...
  • Cells.
    New calcium connections discovered in study investigating how your cells store fuel
    There have been numerous books published lately either for or against taking various amounts of calcium in balance with other required minerals for health. At University of California, Davis, clinical trials conducted at UC Davis in the Sacramento...
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