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  • Confederate Cavalry Soldier
    The Dismounted Cavalry of the Civil War
    Just as the term mounted infantry is confusing, the term dismounted cavalry is just as confusing. And the question obviously is, aren’t they both the same?Actually they are not the same. While they both arrive at the battle on horseback (or...
  • The Lightning Brigade
    Mounted Infantry units during the Civil War
    What sounds like an oxymoron, mounted infantry, was actually infantry that arrived at the battles on horseback (or in one instance on board mules) but fought as infantry soldiers during the engagement. If they had fought while on their mounts,...
  • J.E.B. Stuart
    This week in the Civil War: Confederate raiders in Kentucky, Pennsylvania
    On Saturday, Civil War reenactors fought the fictitious Battle of Windy Knoll in Worcester, Massachusetts, as part of a living history weekend hosted by the City of Worcester and the Central Massachusetts Convention and Visitors Bureau.But one...
  • J.E.B. Stuart
    This week in the Civil War, June 10 - 16, 1862: J.E.B. Stuart rides
    One hundred fifty years ago this week, Confederate General James Ewell Brown (J.E.B.) Stuart led his cavalry on a daring three-day reconnaissance mission that eventually circled General George McClellan's Union Army of the Potomac.The...
  • Buddy
    Once left for dead, Buddy the dog wins the heart of San Antonio rodeo parade
    Did a dog steal the thunder from the 30 longhorns during the Western Heritagekick-off parade for the Stock Show and Rodeo in downtown San Antonio this weekend?A dog named “Sgt. Buddy” may have done just that.The Fort Hood Horse Cavalry...
  • A&M Mounted Cavalry
    Slideshow: A&M Mounted Cavalry at San Antonio Rodeo Western Heritage Parade
    Texas A&M University's oldest institution on their College Station campus, the Corps of Cadets, sent their Parson's Mounted Cavalry to San Antonio for the kick-off of the Stock Show and Rodeo.Proud and regimented, the A&M Parson&...
  • Regimental colors of the 3rd New York Cavalry
    Cavalry of the High Street Cemetery
    The overwhelming balance of Civil War veterans interred at High Street Cemetery were horse soldiers, owing to Brockport’s rural setting. Some of these humble farm boys rose from the ranks to lead cavalry units long after the war had ended...
  • Cavalry
    Celebrate Those Horses Lost
    Memorial Day has become a long weekend to spend it with family and friends. We all gather for BBQ’s, picnics, cookouts, fun and games, the visiting of graves and the attendance of ceremonies. For some of us, this marks the first of many...
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