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  • 2015 BMW X5 M and X6 M
    Official pictures unveiled of the 2015 BMW X5 M and X6 M with performance parts
    GT Spirit reported earlier today (Jan 30.2015) that BMW has revealed its official pictures behind the full performance parts catalog for the 2015 BMW X5 M and 2015 BMW X6 M. These two SUV's are going to bring in huge business for BMW. With so...
  • Zach Kaplan
    Zach Kaplan's Inventables™ and it's role in the '3rd Industrial Revolution'
    In 2011, the Economist published an issue that talked about the potential of 3D Printing and 'desktop manufacturing' technologies, calling it “The 3rd Industrial Revolution”. Zach Eplan, founder of Inventables™, a...
  • Navigating  Searching
    Navigating Searching
    This is the second article in a series on navigating The databases nested under the search tab will be highlighted, and you will be guided to articles that will help you find more success searching the website and using other...
  • Holidays
    Christmas 2012 looks to be tech expensive, Neiman Marcus catalog or not
    Christmas 2012 could be an expensive one for consumers, especially as we all grow more and more dependent on, and outright addicted to, our high tech gadgets, according to ZDNet today. Neiman Marcus also just released their annual holiday catalog...
  • Artomatic opens to crowds
    Artomatic artist locator: forget it
    Pull out the large list of artists and the floor plan. Look for an artist, last name first, right. Wrong. Artists are listed by first names! What?I have a few artists on the list for which 1) I know their first names; 2) I know what floor they are...
  • Hats for women who have had breast cancer
    Products for women who have had breast cancer
    Women have enough to deal with once they have received the shocking news that they have breast cancer – surgery, chemo, radiation, loss of work, family issues, and recovery.But there is no reason why she should not have available products...
  • MacKenzie_Childs_Flower_Market_Enamelware_1.JPG
    Flowers are in full bloom on our favorite spring enamelware
    It's a certain sign of spring when we get our favorite mailorder catalog, from the outrageous, iconic Auroa, NY homegoods company MacKenzie-Childs.Of particular note this year is their new line of Flower Market Enamelware. Evoking the strong...
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