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  • Scott Bakula in Geek and Sundry's superhero comedy: Caper
    Scott Bakula guest stars in new Geek and Sundry series 'Caper'
    Caper, Geek and Sundry's latest scripted series, premiered today on YouTube and Hulu. Caper is Geek and Sundry's first new offering on Hulu, but the distributor will eventually offer five of the channel's other shows. In addition to...
  • John Sandford's Storm Front
    John Sandford's 'Storm Front' is mildly amusing but ultimately not worth reading
    John Sandford's latest Virgil Flowers novel "Storm Front" a caper heist story involving...
  • Ben Afflect Argo Poster
    "Argo" feels like you're facing a firing squad
    What’s an absurd idea for escaping a revolution that worked? Pretend it’s a movie shoot.True stories made into movies require the touch of a master to ignite sweaty suspense since likely the outcome is a given. Director Ben Affleck...
  • Salmon on Rye with Lemon~Caper Mayonnaise
    Salmon on Rye with Lemon-Caper Mayonnaise
    Sandwiches get boring after a while. Why not try something new? Salmon is high in protein andomega~3 fatty acids.Ingredients: Fresh Baked Rye Bread, Salmon, Mayonnaise, Lemon Juice, Capers, Dijon Mustard, Ugly Ripe Tomatoes, LettuceDirections: Add...
  • lemon caper tilapia
    Lemon Caper Tilapia for a Snowy Seattle Day
    Seattle is famous for its delicious salmon, but when you're snowed in and can't get to the market, frozen tilapia makes for a great meal. It is super simple to prepareand is budget friendly so it is always in the freezer here. So for all...
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