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  • Calorie creep - mindless consumption of calories
    Calorie creep - mindless consumption of calories
    The term, "calorie creep" is often used to define calories that are consumed mindlessly, like eating directly out of a package instead of using a serving bowl or picking up a piece of chocolate from the office candy dish out of habit,...
  • Do you think the Duchess cares about calories?
    Counting calories in your wine glass.
    Do you know, or indeed care, how many calories are in your glass of wine?According to a recent study by the Royal Society for Public Health in England, 80% of respondents had absolutely no idea how many calories lurked in their glass of vino, yet...
  • body weight
    Weight Loss is Simple Mathematics?
    In a nutshell, weight loss is simple mathematics. The calories you consume minus the calories you burn per day equals your weight loss or weight gain. In real world, other factors come into play as well, but for an average person the above...
  • fuel guage
    10 Tips for simple dieting
    10 Tips for simple dietingSo your New Year's resolution is to begin dieting again. But if you're like many American's, you may find yourself feeling confused and overwhelmed before you even begin. Don't worry. This list of 10...
  • Best news today: Want to lose weight? Bring on the booze!
    Best news today: Want to lose weight? Bring on the booze!
    When trying to lose weight we often believe that abstaining from the high caloric intake of alcohol is paramount to success. Lo and behold researchers at Harvard University have found the reverse correlation to be true, an increase in drinking...
  • High calories and sodium lurking in many restaurant salads  (Video)
    High calories and sodium lurking in many restaurant salads (Video)
    Salads are a great way to eat the daily recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables, but some salads can have more calories than a fast food big burger. And, to top it off, many fast food and restaurant salads are drenched with sodium.The...
  • Calorie Counting
    No need to count your calories when dieting.
    Any good trainer who understands food and how the body works will tell you that what you eat is much more important than how much you eat. Most of the "nutritional plans" given today involve some sort of calorie counting. Elementary...
  • 10 Online tools to keep your diet on track
    10 Online tools plus one to keep your diet on track
    These are the fantasticonline tools thatare a must see for any dieter:SparkPeople : With over8 million members, this leading fitness community has tools for both diet and fitness. An easy choice with all the usual tools including demonstrations...
  • Dorm Room Snacking Guide for the New Year
    Dorm Room Snacking Guide for the New Year
    Stay away from the vending machines,and thecalories, and the keepsingles by giving these snacks a shot.Popcorn : This popcorn is intended for dieters and those looking to lower cholesterol and comes in a variety of flavors.Crackers : Not the ones...
  • Movie theater popcorn
    F.D.A. rule won't tell you how many calories are in your popcorn
    Despite efforts of advocacy groups to the contrary, the Food and Drug Administration announced that it would exclude movie theater popcorn from its proposed calorie disclosure rules. These rules would require restaurants with 20 or more U.S....
  • Latte
    Word (s) of the Week - Cappuccino vs Latte
    Cappuccino VS Latte?Have you ever ask what the difference was between a cappuccino and latte? Well, here is the answer as stated by is coffee milk. Latte is a double shot espresso topped with steamed milk. A cappuccino is one...
  • Weight Loss
    Weighing in on weight loss
    Cutting calories and dieting is a hot topic, and most of us are very interested in this particular subject. We are a nation obsessed with appearance. The media portrays an image of the ideal woman on magazine covers, billboards, commercials,...
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