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  • A Tibetan mother and her child
    Tibetan Prime Minister Sangay is worried about Canada-China relations
    As China become a greater economic power than ever before Tibetans are concerned about what this means for their future. The Tibet Sun reported on Nov. 26, 2014 that Canada-China relations worry Tibetan Prime Minister Sangay. Sangay has said he&...
  • Scandal in the Workplace
    Scandalous Relations: Balancing Relationships in the Workplace
    I'm a Gladiator.Every week, with all due diligence, I carefully carve out time for Scandal. And it's not merely for the alluring relationship drama. (Well, not entirely because of the love triangle that has us in moral limbo.)It's...
  • How To Solve 4 Challenges Of Entrepreneurs
    How To Solve 4 Challenges Of Entrepreneurs
    Since the business world is changing all the time thanks to new opportunities and technologies, entrepreneurs have to face many challenges in order to lead their business to success. The main problem comes from the fact that many of them are...
  • Business
    What Is Business Casual, Anyway?
    So your boss invites you to a meeting. In the email, he mentions that the meeting is with an important client that he'd like you to help impress. He ends the email by saying that the dress code is "business casual." And then it dawns...
  • Business
    Grow yoiur business through business2sell
    Finding multiple businesses under one roof is one of the most difficult things to do. If there is a business which can do that for us then life would be really simple. is doing that and hence, people are in love with the...
  • Facebook Wi-Fi: Is It Right for Your Business?
    Facebook Wi-Fi: Is it Right for Your Business?
    Your neighborhood coffee shop or nearby hotel probably offers free Wi-Fi already. But did you know that Facebook offers something called Facebook Wi-Fi that allows your customers free Internet access? By simply clicking a button, people can check...
  • Cost of Crude Oil Drops But Not the Cost of Your Airfare
    Cost of Crude Oil Drops But Not the Cost of Your Airfare
    The price of crude oil is currently about $75 a barrel, sliding and sliding down since its high per barrel in April and June, 2014. Wow. This should be great news! And it should mean lower air fares. But it doesn’t.According to
  • Business
    Business2sell is there for you to sell and buy
    Having a business is like a dream come true but your dream will flourish only when you are able to market it and reach the right set of people. Right set of people are those people who are willing to be associated with your business for a long...
  • The Gap Pledges To Raise Minimum Wage For All U.S. Workers
    Gap in deal with online retailer Zalando to sell clothes in Europe
    Fashion chain store Gap Inc. has struck a deal with online retailer Zalando. The American retailer is hoping to sell its brand in Europe next May, particularly in places where it has no physical store locations, according to a Monday, Nov. 24...
  • Op-Ed: Message to Toronto: Leave Uber alone
    Op-Ed: Message to Toronto: Leave Uber alone
    It has been years since I was in a Toronto taxicab. The last time I was in one, it was too expensive, the driver was rather discourteous and the ride was pretty dangerous (slamming of the brakes and high speeds). Even today, I notice taxicabs...
    Gap Inc. announces new management, continues to expand internationally
    Gap Inc. reported their full-year profit outlook on Thursday, Nov. 20, accord to St. Louis Post Dispatch. Unfortunately, it was below Wall Street expectations. The company has also announced management changes at its Banana Republic and Gap brands...
  • measuring chain
    Super Bowl XLIX ad sales coming up short
    It's the fourth quarter, and there's still some way to go. Even with the addition of "about a dozen" new advertisers and returning dropouts, "NBC said in November ad sales were moving along slightly more slowly than in prior...
  • Niche Social Media Sites
    The Advantages of Using Smaller Niche Social Sites
    Today's customers are super connected to their devices and networks. They use them to not only socialize, but also to get recommendations and information about what types of products and services they are looking to buy. Businesses have to be...
  • Entrepreneur definition
    Young Entrepreneurs Academy recruiting students for January start
    Did you know there is a very unique program called Young Entrepreneurs Academy, also known as YEA! that teaches middle and high school students about starting and running a real business? This program is the first in our state and was originally...
  • 4 Ways entrepreneurs can change the world
    4 Ways entrepreneurs can change the world
    Entrepreneurs work very hard 24/7! They create startups and strive to build their businesses. The struggles are many and often the thanks are few. In the end, they succeed or move on to something new and start over. This is a cycle that seems...