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  • SAlute
    Semper Latte
    After images of his disrespectful salute to the Marines on duty with Marine 1 went viral, supporters of Obama have taken to passing around a somewhat similar photo of George Bush as a rebuttal. TI don't really want to defend Bush as that is a...
  • President Bush being likened to Adolf Hitler
    Sixth-grade assignment: Compare Bush to Hitler
    A public school teacher in Washington, D.C. has been forced to publicly apologize to her students for giving them a homework assignment with instructions to find similarities between former president George W. Bush and Adolf Hitler, and to map...
  • Bush release new single
    Bush release new single 'The Only Way Out'
    Alternative rock band Bush have released their latest single “The Only Way Out” from their upcoming LP “Man on the Run” due out October 21. Speaking with USA Today, frontman Gavin Rossdale commented on the song by saying ...
  • Mission Accomplished?
    Stop blaming Obama for everything
    I am absolutely disgusted by the political discourse in this country. No matter what evidence is brought forward (much of it by Iraq War veterans) concerning the lies that both preceded and followed the Iraq war, I have yet to meet one single...
  • Russell vs. Revels
    Libertarian lesson: Never name stuff after politicians
    One blowback from the politically correct crusade to rename the NFL's Washington Redskins, on the premise that "Redskins" offends the delicate sensitivities of white liberals, is an email received by Dallas Libertarian Examiner from...
  • America's Iron Throne
    America's Game of Thrones
    American politics is a real life Game of Thrones orchestrated by a cryptic self-serving ruling class of politicians, corporatists and bankster kingmakers. It's why libertarians loathe them all.Based on evidence from both the Left and Right...
  • Incredulous Obama
    Poll: Obama worst post-WWII president
    According to a Quinnipiac poll released today, President Obama finds himself rated as the worst president of the last 69 years. The findings are a bit surprising, considering that span includes such luminaries as Jimmy Carter and Richard Nixon....
  • Kids who want capture
    Bush signed bill prompting influx of Central American children
    History and bad decisions have consequences.I know our right-wing friends hate it when we bring up the name of President George W. Bush. I mean that in the sense of alluding to Bush/Cheney's series of mistakes that we are still forced to deal...
  • Azaleas in Independence, Missouri
    Azaleas - Choosing the Right Spot
    The azalea bush on the north side of this house was thriving. When the Japanese yew hedge had to go, azaleas seemed the obvious choice. They were not.The Japanese yew bushes had not been kept trimmed by the previous homeowner. They became too...
  • Premiere Of Disney Pixar's "Monsters University"
    Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale expecting third child
    Powerhouse rockstar couple Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale are reportedly expecting their third child. Though she has stayed mum about the pregnancy reports, blond bombshell Stefani- known for her lean, athletic body and washboard abs- has been...
  • The World is in Your Hands
    Left, Right, Right, Wrong...WHO CARES?
    From Bush Jr overspending on a never-ending war to Obama spending more than any other president in our country's history...From Nixon's scandals which got him impeached to Clinton's lying about getting a blow-job, to Obama's...
  • Bushbama
    50 Shades of Obama - Dissecting the Chameleon in Chief
    On July 4th, as we celebrated the birth of a nation—with Chinese fireworks and Mexican beer—did you take an opportunity to reflect on the freedoms our Founding Fathers bequeathed as inalienable birthrights? Notice anything missing, a...
  • Bush family contact list
    Cryptome removes Guccifer's Bush family contact list after Secret Service visit
    On Tuesday, the U.S. Secret Service visited the operators of the website over the publication of a Bush family contact list, which was provided by the hacker Guccifer.According to an email sent to Gawker from Cryptome'sJohn Young...
  • Bush
    Bush rocks Riverfest
    The rock band Bush headlined the Bud Light stage at Riverfest in Little Rock, Arkansas on Saturday, May 25, 2013. Gavin Rossdale and his band took the stage across from the Clinton Presidential Center just before 9:30, opening with "...
  • Saturday highlights from Riverfest 2013
    Saturday highlights from Riverfest 2013
    Riverfest 2013 continued in Little Rock on Saturday, May 25 with music on three stages all day long. Again, there were a lot of highlights.Riverfest continues on Sunday, May 26. For more information, go to