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  • Review: 'Slow Down, Bull' is a fun bite-size title from insomniac Games
    Review: 'Slow Down, Bull' is a fun bite-size title from Insomniac Games
    Insomniac Games, famous for their work on the Ratchet & Clank series and Sunset Overdrive, have released a new PC title, and it’s not quite what you would expect. The company’s new game, Slow Down, Bull, is a small game made by...
  • An unlucky bull escapes a slaughterhouse and ends up dead in a butcher shop
    An unlucky bull escapes a slaughterhouse and runs into a butcher shop
    The Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung (WAZ), a German news source, reports the true meaning of going from the frying pan into the fire. Unfortunately, for a two-year-old bull, it only managed to escape death for a short time. On Monday, in the...
  • Harlem Globetrotter nearly gets head crushed after basket falls on his head
    Harlem Globetrotter nearly gets head crushed after basket falls on his head
    According to New York Daily News on Tuesday,Harlem Globetrotter player William "Bull" Bullard, a 6'4" 217-pound guard, was almost crushed by a basketball goalwhen he slam dunked and pulled the basket down on top of his head...
  • finding shark
    Bull Sharks of Merritt Island, Fla.
    Shark week just began and it is time to keep up with the tradition. Not many residents are aware of the sharks that habitate in Merritt Island, Fla. But no need to worry as this is the main topic of the article. So prepare your spectacles and cup...
  • Bull statue
    Miguel Martinez dies from bull horn impalement
    According to a June 25 report from USA Today, a Texas teenager was playing hide-and-seek when he tripped and impaled himself on the horn of a bull statue.USA Today reports that 14-year-old Miguel Martinez was in a park near the National Ranching...
  • Calf stabbed to death with a pocket knife
    Horrendous acts of cruelty are called cultural events
    Many condemn bullfighting as an activity that is neither humane nor entertaining. A slowly dwindling number of people argue that bullfighting is an elegant contest between man and beast. Whatever the reader may think of bullfighting, it is...
  • beef cow
    Is it a cow or steer or just a bull?
    News stories periodically feature loose cattle running down streets or standing in the roads and depending on the reporters fear level regarding such animals they are called either cows or bulls, and chances are they aren’t either. Michigan...
  • pic
    Streaker gored at Pamplona's Running of the Bulls
    A naked man was on the receiving end of an angry bull last week at the annual Pamplona Running of the Bulls, the most popular event of the San Fermin Festival. A recently released YouTube video captured the entire naked escapade on video.A group...
  • Elk calves in December
    Elk 101: how do they stay warm in winter
    Elk actually have two coats--one for summer and one for winter. Their coats help them regulate their body temperatures. They change coats twice a year. In the spring, the shedding coat looks raggedy and tattered with clumps of old winter hair...
  • Shorty bull puppies found
    Shorty bull puppies returned
    A big Mahalo to the Oahu community for helping put on the pressure for those pups to be returned. They have been returned and are happy and healthy. No questions asked, but a warning to anyone thinking about taking another persons animals. Bad...
  • Why would one find a Bull at the "Bull and Finch" at 1am?
    Why would one find a Bull at the "Bull and Finch" at 1am?
    The second instalment of the 12-part series on the Chinese zodiac’s influence on the time of day is about the hour of the Ox. The Chinese Zodiac is based on the legend of the 12 animals. These 12 animals were initially named “earthly...
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