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  • Tips to promote your blog.
    Tips to promote your blog and get it read.
    I frequently discuss blogging and, if you follow me, you know I’m an advocate of blogging being an integral part of your overall marketing plan. If you have any doubt about the value of blogging, just check these stats from
  • The best way to take your blog to the next level is to write more content.
    3 Ways to Take Your Blog to the Next Level
    One of the best ways to enhance your content marketing and to make your business a household name with your audience is to enhance your blog. Now, we’re not talking about a blog overhaul exactly, though you can do that if it will improve...
  • What's Hot and What's Not in Online Marketing
    What's Hot and What's Not for Social Media Marketing These Days
    In this diverse and scattered digital age, it is hard to keep up with what is working and trending and what is tanking when it comes to online marketing. If there were only two or three major social media platforms, our jobs as marketers would be...
  • Blog Promomtion
    Blog promotion 101: Part 1 - comments
    Like most people, you may tend to recoil in fear whenever they hear the word “marketing. It seems like the average person just doesn’t understand marketing, which is exactly why most blogs fail.If you want to have a successful blog,...
  • The Amina Profile
    Hot Docs Film Festival 2015: 'The Amina Profile'
    It was, in many respects, the perfect story: an out lesbian in Damascus, Syria blogs about the 2011 regime uprisings and casts a valuable light upon several human rights issues in dire need of illumination. But as "The Amina Profile",...
  • Improve search engine ranking with blogging
    How to improve your page rank with blogging.
    Search engine optimization (SEO) is the method of optimizing a website so that it responds better to the search engines. Both internal and external SEO practices will increase the amount of traffic that flows to your website from search engines....
  • Arapahoe Basin Wedding
    Breckenridge, Colorado Summer Wedding Package Ideas
    Planning a high country wedding is no easy feat, and that's why I've written today's post about Breckenridge, Colorado Summer Wedding Package Ideas. Most of the time you're searching and searching and when you do finally find a...
  • Blogs will change your business
    10 Tips for writing better blogs
    Here are a few tips to assist you in writing quality blog content:· Reader Friendly Content: Keep your content – articles, poems, photographs, videos – reader friendly. Your reader should feel like you are speaking to him/her...
  • Blogmutt announces pay raises for writers, longer posts for clients
    Blogmutt announces pay raises for writers, longer posts for clients
    On Feb 14th Blogmutt announced that they are offering theirclients more options for longer, higher quality articles from their top writers. The content creation service, known for paying a flat rate of 8 dollars for a 250-300 word blog post, is...
  • Negative social media posts can be damaging to your career
    Negative social media posts can be damaging to your career
    Most people know that negative social media posts can be damaging to:1. Job applicants.2. Promotion hopefuls.3. Employees who just want to keep their jobs.Now, as a teenaged female in Texas discovered, there is a new danger that can come from...
  • Marquette University honors community over academic bullying
    Bully blog post gets Marquette professor suspended
    College professors who write negative posts and blogs about students should be disciplined and fired. There really is no room in college campuses and the internet for unnecessarily mean people who post demeaning statements about students and...
  • Christmas canceled
    Parents cancel Christmas to teach 'entitled' and 'ungrateful' kids a lesson
    Many parents warn their children they will get a lump of coal in their stocking if they misbehave during the holiday season, but one Utah couple has gone beyond idle threats and canceled Christmas altogether.Frustrated by their three young sons&...
  • Blog
    Using your blog to develop book content
    Read and comment on other blogs in your field. This is a good way of getting fresh content for both your blog and book as well as getting some new ideas. What are other people in your field writing about? What are the major challenges of the...
  • Tips
    4 good blogging habits you should develop now.
    Here are some good blogging habits you should develop for a successful and profitable blog.a. Write something on your blog at least 2-3 times a week.b. Read other blogs 2-3 times a week. Be sure to use the RSS feed buttons to subscribe to your...
  • Blog
    How do you promote your blog? 5 Tips
    Don’t be afraid to be opinionated.Be different from other bloggers writing on your topic. Give your readers something to come back to and something to comment on. Remember, you’ll never please everyone…and if any debate ensues...
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