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  • Mata conjoined twins
    Conjoined twins readied for separation
    Surgeons at Texas Children’s Hospital (TCH) in Houston have been preparing for months to separate conjoined twins Knatalye and Adeline Mata. Joined at the chest and pelvis, the identical girls are positioned nearly face-to-face and share a...
  • No Time to Die by Kira Peikoff
    Bioethics thriller questions medical research
    Kira Peikoff’s “No Time to Die” is a bioethics thriller in which twenty-seven people, including scientists, doctors and critically ill patients have vanished. Now, the most important person of all, Zoe Kincaid, a college student...
  • Kira Peikoff and No Time to Die
    New thriller explores the future of bioethics
    Imagine a world in which parents determine the genetic makeup of their unborn children. That’s the world Kira Peikoff, the author of “No Time to Die,” writes about. Peikoff’s novel is a bioethics thriller in which the...
  • Kellenberg HS
    Advocate for children with Down syndrome to speak at Conference at Kellenberg
    Leticia Velasquez, formerly of Moriches, Long Island and presently residing in Connecticut, will be speaking on Down syndrome and Eugenics on Saturday morning at 10:30 at a conference at Kellenberg Memorial High School in Uniondale, New York. She...
  • Pregnant Woman
    Doctors who provide abortion are compelled by conscience, as are those who don't
    Doctors who perform abortions for women are compelled to do so because of strong moral reasons, just as those who refuse to perform abortions are repelled from doing so by their own convictions, says research published today in the New England...
  • Woman with anorexia allowed to starve self to death after court rules that force-feeding is not in her best interest.
    Patient with anorexia allowed to starve self to death
    In a landmark case, on August 25, 2012, London doctors treating a patient with anorexia nervosa were given permission to allow the patient to continue to starve herself to death. The patient in question was a 29-year-old woman weighing just 42...
  • Gay eugenics: Supposedly homosexuality is 'death' and heterosexuality is 'life'
    Gay eugenics: Supposedly homosexuality is 'death' and heterosexuality is 'life'
    Today came out with a blog from Wesley J. Smith titled “The ‘Gay Gene’ and the New Eugenics.” Now, if you don’t know anything about Mr. Smith, he is a very well known attorney, author and consultant...
  • Nazi Medical Experiments
    Report--'new' medical ethics endanger individual human life
    In the traditional Judeo-Christian understanding of human life upon which American society is based, the centrality and importance of the individual is key. However, with changes in the law looming just around the corner, that commonly accepted...
  • Circumcision: an elephant in the hospital
    Circumcision: an elephant in the hospital
    What is infant circumcision? Why is the practice common in U.S. hospitals and not in other countries? What does it remove and how does that affect the child? Does scientific data suggest that circumcision has benefits? What are the potential...
  • resized_divine_mercy.jpg
    Euthanasia and God's waiting room
    Death is a fact of life that is unavoidable. Due to the original sin of Adam and Eve, all of humanity will die. As we are told in the Bible, only God the Father knows the time and place for our death. In our love for God, we should persevere in...
  • resized_care_for_the_sick.jpg
    Taking care of the sick
    In the introduction to Part Two of the fourth edition of the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services developed by the Committee on Doctrine of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops, the bishops remind us: The...
  • resized_nfp.jpg
    Natural Family Planning
    In photo:Scarecrows dressed as if attending a wedding in St Mary's church during the annual Scarecrow Festival on August 14, 2010 in Kettlewell, United Kingdom. Every year since 1994, hundreds of scarecrows have been created by the villagers...
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