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  • Bay Area Spotlight:  Benedetta Skin Care
    Bay Area Spotlight: Benedetta Skin Care
    It's January, the month that coincides with new beginnings and getting started on those New Years resolutions.It seems everyone's resolutions tend to focus in the area of health like eating better, staying away from processed foods,...
  • Céderic Lecareaux of Domaine Cigalus, Languedoc, France
    What exactly is "Biodynamic" wine?
    'Biodynamic! Organic! Sustainable!If you drink wine, then you've probably noticed these terms cropping up with more and more frequency. "We grow our grapes with Biodynamic principles". "Our vineyards are sustainably farmed...
  • Narrow Gate Syrah Viognier
    Narrow Gate Vineyards: Defining wines through a biodynamic footprint
    In this day and age many wineries choose to utilize green practices in both the winery and vineyard. Biodynamic is an old principle but is a newer philosophy of farming for many wineries. As Down To Earth Month slowly comes to a close there is...
  • Ampelos Cellars' Peter Work
    Ampelos Cellars: A winery that is cutting edge, passionate and proud
    Since the Wine Institute has designated April as Earth Month, I am exploring wineries that utilize sustainable practices in most aspects of their grape growing and wine making process. Each winery employs their own set of standards and principles...
  • Partial Eclipse
    Daily Inspiration from Expect Wonderful - June 4, 2012
    Life is inherently rhythmic. You have natural rhythm and also innate tonal qualities. You are in essence, harmonic in presence. As you begin to sense your natural flow and pace, and come into alignment with this you open up heaven on Earth.Life at...
  • Vineyards
    The Top Ten Reasons to Buy Organic and Biodynamic®
    I found this top ten list while browsing for some information on one of my favorite Organic/Biodynamic® winerys, Frey Vineyards. This is an excellent source of information on why it pays to buy organic whenever possible. This would be a great...
  • Maysara Winery will hold a Pre-IPNC wine dinner
    Maysara Winery will hold a Pre-IPNC wine dinner
    July 28th 2011 (Doors Open at 6pm) The Momtazi Vineyards Come celebrate the start of the International Pinot Noir Festival with an evening of spectacular wine, enticing food pairings and exciting live entertainment. Indulge yourself in a multiple...
  • Memorial Weekend and 10th Anniversary Celebration at Maysara Winery
    Memorial Weekend and 10th Anniversary Celebration at Maysara Winery
    Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, May 28-30, 2011 (11am-5pm) @ Maysara WineryCome celebrate Maysara's 10th Anniversary by joining in for a weekend full of distinguished wines paired with some exotic Mediterranean inspired food. About Maysara...
  • A Barrel of Knowledge: El Dorado's Bring Out the Barrel Weekend
    A Barrel of Knowledge: El Dorado's Bring Out the Barrel Weekend
    The transformation of wine, from its nascent form as a grape in the vineyard to the magnificent fluid that fills a goblet, is nothing short of fascinating. One of the most fundamental steps, the aging of wine in oak barrels, is, to many winemakers...
  • The Tangled Vine
    Tasty Tuesdays: The Tangled Vine
    What is organic, sustainable, biodynamic AND delicious? The Tangled Vine's wine list, and their food menus too. The Tangled Vine believes in serving the best Mediterranean and European wines crafted by vintners who care about the quality of the...
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