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  • First look at the Suicide Squad
    First look at Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn and the rest of the Suicide Squad
    As if to steal some thunder from Marvel Studios' big Avengers weekend, "Suicide Squad" Director David Ayer revealed on Twitter Sunday, the first ever live-action picture of the Task Force X. Not surprisingly Margot Robbie's...
  • Tomorrow May 2, 2015 Celebrate Free Comic Book Day 2015
    Tomorrow May 2, Celebrate Free Comic Book Day 2015
    Cleveland ,Ohio ( and the rest of the USA ) -Celebrate and discover the amazing world of comic books on Free Comic Book Day! Taking place annually on the first Saturday in May, Free Comic Book Day is a single day when participating comic book...
  • Batman vs Superman
    Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice opens in summer 2016
    Last week, the highly-anticipated trailer to 2013’s Man of Steel hit the airwaves to much acclaim. Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice debuted as a trailer should; with riveting scenes of action that didn’t give too much away, and...
  • Batman #40 review
    Batman #40 review
    This is the issue we have been waiting for. The finally to the greatest Batman and Joker story ever. The action is hot, stakes are high, and Batman is willing to end it all in the final issue of End Game. This issue is written by Scott Snyder with...
  • Gotham
    Why is 'Gotham' a runaway hit?
    Once in a blue moon a series premiers on TV that becomes a big hit so fast, you can’t help but feel that a long running classic has just been born. Past shows of this magnitude include “American Idol,” “ER,” and ...
  • Blu-ray Review: 'Batman vs. Robin'
    Blu-ray Review: 'Batman vs. Robin'
    DC Comics and Warner Bros. Animation bring fans of the Dark Knight his latest adventure “Batman vs. Robin.” Writer J. M. DeMatteis does an incredible job blending together Grant Morrison’s “Batman & Robin: Batman vs....
  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer is released by Warner Bros.
    Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice trailer: An overview
    The Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer was released by Warner Bros a few days early. By now everyone has seen the new trailer but, let’s take a closer look shall we? A voice over starts it off of everyone’s opinions about...
  • 'The Dark Knight Returns' 1
    Entertainment Spotlight: ‘The Dark Knight Returns’
    With a lot of buzz in the air right now over the recently leaked and then released teaser for next year’s ‘Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice,’and the resulting arguments of who would win or that it would be no contest, many are...
  • Batman and his newest beasts
    Batman's latest creeps and critters are animals that make Gotham a zoo
    The quaint town of Gotham gets a bit batty when Batman and his team of fellow heroes are tasked with taming an altogether different form of beasts in Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts. Produced by Warner Bros. Animation, the latest animated DC...
  • Convergence Batman and The Outsiders #1 review
    Convergence Batman and The Outsiders #1 review
    This was one of the better Convergence issues I have read. We have Batman struggling to solve the mystery of the dome. Other heroes trying to keep the city running without going into chaos, and we get a glimpse at a hero who is happier without his...
  • Comic Book Review: Convergence #1
    Comic Book Review: Convergence #1
    Convergence is officially underway in the Universe of DC Comics as issue 1 hits newsstands. We’ve heard it before and I’m sure we’ll all hear it again. The ever so familiar catch phrase, “Everything we know is about to...
  • First “Batman V Superman” posters asks fans what side they are on
    First “Batman V Superman” posters asks fans what side they are on
    With the leak of the teaser trailer for Batman V Superman over the weekend and then the official HD releaseby director Zack Snyder, fans were content with what we got so far with news from the movie.But Zack Snyder wasn’t done with us yet...
  • Trailers for Batman V. Superman, Jurassic World, Ant-Man give fans hope
    Trailers for Batman V. Superman, Jurassic World, Ant-Man give fans hope
    The recent new trailers for Jurassic World, Ant-Manand Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice highlight what summer blockbusters are all about: explosions, chases, dramatic moments and monsters.
  • Ben Affleck slave owning ancestors deleted from PBS show upon his request
    Ben Affleck 'Finding Your Roots': Show kept Affleck's slave-owning kin a secret
    Ben Affleck appeared on the PBS program “Finding Your Roots,” but he found something about his ancestors that he wanted to remain hidden. This is something he requested to PBS that happened to be mentioned in one of the hacked Sony...
  • Batman/Superman
    How well do you know the superheroes in 'Dawn of Justice'?
    Even though everybody watched the leaked version over the weekend the trailer for Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice finally made its official high quality debut online just a few hours ago on April 18. So far, the reactions have been pretty...
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