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  • GenX
    A rising artist in L.A.’s backyard brings eclectic back to the natives
    Theresa Bouché, born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, is no stranger to the eccentric and beautiful world of art. It is not odd for an artist to create works out of emotion, but for Bouché, the mural-like world is best when creating the...
  • NY developers whitewash 5Pointz graffiti to make room for condos
    NY developers whitewash 5Pointz graffiti warehouse to make room for condos
    Famous outdoor graffiti warehouse 5Pointz will no longer be used by street artists after it was painted over this week.Riders of the route 7 subway train in New York are disappointed to see white walls instead of colorful urban art during their...
  • Banksy NYC
    Banksy brings his best for New York City residency
    October has come to an end and so too has Banksy’s monthlong “residency” in New York City. The British street artist spent the past month dropping his clever and subversive works of art all over New York, resulting in something...
  • Banksy’s Sirens of the Lambs is taking on the meat industry and New York City is watching
    Banksy’s Sirens of the Lambs is taking on the meat industry
    The renegade graffiti artist Banksy has resurfaced in New York City and this time his work is aimed directly at the meat industry. Readers may know Banksy as the British graffiti artist whose notoriety has sprung from satire. He has been rather...
  • Banksy in NYC
    Banksy continues impromptu street art exhibits; Bloomberg not impressed
    Art or vandalism?The ongoing debate continues over British street artist Banksy's month-long run of surprise artworks popping up all over New York City.While New Yorkers swarm to each piece shortly after it appears, New York Mayor Michael...
  • Visit Hangar 18, the Oakland studio of rock n'roll poster artist, Chuck Sperry
    Chuck Sperry, rock n'roll poster artist has open house at Oakland studio
    The Bay Area’s favorite rock n’roll poster artist, the inimitable Chuck Sperry is inviting fans of poster art to an evening reception at his Oakland workshop - Hangar 18, this Fri, Oct 18 from 6 to 11pm. The event is in celebration of...
  • The beautiful explosion
    Banksy: 9/11 graffitti art
    October 16, 2013 Banksy continues his month long, plein air exhibition throughout the city of New York with an image all New Yorkers hold close to their hearts.The British street artist created a shadowy depiction of the Twin Towers on Staple...
  • Avonte Oquendo, 14, remains missing
    Man to Banksy spectators: Avonte Oquendo search needs your help
    Could the obsession over Banksy help find Avonte Oquendo? That's what one man is hoping, and on Oct. 15 the Village Voice shared the details as the search continues for the missing Queens autistic teen.Banksy is a graffiti artist who has had...
  • Banksy sets up stall in Central Park, sells work for $60
    Banksy sets up stall in Central Park, sells work for $60
    Banksy, the acclaimed and anonymous graffiti artist set up a stand in Central Park this past weekend and sold his greatly valuable work for 60 dollars. In normal circumstances, Banksy's art would bring in six figures. It took the vendor more...
  • Banksy has NY street art sale, made $420, but someone made bank on originals
    Banksy has NY street art sale, made $420, but someone made bank on originals
    Wonder how many people simply walked by the street art stall set up by Banksy on Saturday in New York's Central Park. One would guess the number to have registered in the thousands, if not the tens of thousands. And in the end, as was reported...
  • banksy stall
    Banksy offers original artwork for $60
    Banksy may be encouraging pedestrians to take a closer look at street vendors selling art. Yesterday, USA Today reported that three lucky tourists purchased paintings revealed to be created by the sensational graffiti artist for a mere $60 per...
  • Nick Stern is not Banksy
    Nick stern is not banksy
    London born, Nick Stern may not be the anonymous street artist known as Banksy who gained international notoriety in the 2010 documentary, Exit Through the Gift Shop (or maybe Nick Stern is since Banksy's identity continues to remain anonymous...
  • Banksy Hanksy G1988
    Banksy tom hanksy melrose and labrea G1988: from the streets into the gallery
    From Banksy to Tom Hanksy, from the streets into the gallery: street art isn't just for the streets anymore.Please click "view the list" to see the rest of this article.
  • Banksy
    Art, not intended for lasting impression: Banksy
    There are many artists, millions of them, who produce work diligently from which effort will never be shown much less remembered. Among the millions, there will hundreds of thousands whose works rival that of the best the world has ever seen.Among...
  • Hanksy
    A street art parody: Hanksy lands first solo show
    Parodying one of the most popular and infamous street artists of the 21st century seems all too easy for Hansky, who has been joyously riding off the coat-tails of his predecessor’s successful street stencils for over a year now. Banksy is...
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