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  • Balkan floods
    Landslides and landmines make flood recovery difficult in the Balkans
    If you're looking for a study in human misery this week, you need look no further than the Balkans. As of Monday evening a reported 44 people have lost their lives in the worst flooding in the region's history. It seems as though no good...
  • Danube Map
    Diocletian pacifies the Balkans
    The Sarmatian tribes tangled with Emperor Diocletian over the years. They originally approached the emperor for assistance and alliance. Diocletian rebuffed their efforts and campaigned against them. However, he failed to defeat their spirit in...
  • Communists in hell.
    Eastern Europe: Communists seen burning in hell
    With the hierarchy of the Serbian Orthodox Church claiming coincidence, a fresco in an Eastern European cathedral church has images of certain individuals that bear a striking resemblance to infamous Communists as well as other individuals of...
  • Vama Veche, Venice Beach of the Balkans
    Vama Veche, Venice Beach of the Balkans
    Walking towards a ribbon of beach straddling the Romanian-Bulgarian border one sunny afternoon, I heard music and singing and saw cameras, clapboards, sound equipment and a throng of exotically dressed people.You know a place has something special...
  • Honeybees find land mines: Sugar cravings save lives
    Honeybees find land mines: Sugar cravings save lives
    Researchers are training honeybees to find land mines in Croatia. Areas in need of clearing are thought to contain mines from the Balkan wars of the 1990s. According to a May 19, 2013 article on, the helpful insects can save human...
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