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  • Tel Burna
    Ancient and massive cult complex discovered in Israel
    An immense cult complex has been unearthed by archaeologists working at the site of Tel Burna in Israel. Live Science reported on Monday that researchers have estimated that the site is nearly 3,300 years old and was likely dedicated to a...
  • Glenn Beck
    Glenn Beck: America is unknowingly "worshiping Moloch and Baal"
    Glenn Beck used much of his radio broadcast today to plug his new book, The Eye of Moloch.In Beck's own words, the title was constructed by combining the concept of the all-seeing eye with the pagan god Moloch to whom ancient cultures...
  • God acts decisively for people even when they don't act decisively for Him
    God acts decisively for people even when they don't act for Him
    Dr. Isaac Butterworth said God acted decisively for the people of Israel even when they failed to act decisively for Him, today, Sunday, June 2 at First Presbyterian Church of Wichita Falls, Texas. And he warned a packed sanctuary that we as a...
  • You Can Run, But You Cannot Hide!
    You Can Run, But You Cannot Hide!
    The prophet Elijah of Israel basically invited 450 prophets of Baal and another 400 prophets of Asherah (who were tight with Queen Jezebel – hater), to meet him after school one day for a smack down on Mt. Carmel.Elijah also invited all of...
  • BAAL
    Bertold Brecht's BAAL in NY Underground Zero Festival
    One of Brecht's lesser known plays BAALis currently showing in Brooklyn as part of the New York Undergound Zero Festival. Bertold Brecht wrote BAAL in 1918 but it wasn'tstaged until 1923. Maybe because Brecht's first full-length...
  • Ruins
    Ahab and the Temple of Baal
    Ahab and the Temple of Baal sounds like a good title for an adventure movie or book, like Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. But unlike Indiana Jones, Ahab was a real person and he wasn't the good guy. In fact, if you do a bible study on...
  • Easter or Passover, The Truth About it pt 3
    Easter or Passover, The Truth About it pt 3
    The mother Church made one big compounding error here. They assumed because the Bible said that the women went and bought spices and rested on the Sabbath according to the commandment and that Jesus had to be buried quickly because the Sabbath...
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