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  • Cat
    Local rescue saves burned cat
    An outdoor farm cat named OJ sustained severe injuries after falling into a burning industrial fire pit earlier this month. When the owners noticed OJ did not come home for dinner, they became worried and started searching for him. Shortly...
  • Obama burned by own website
    Obama complains of personally being 'burned' by ObamaCare
    In a televised apology that had more than a few questioning his sincerity, Barack Obama bemoaned to NBC that he was personally "burned" by the public relations disaster, and in the case of millions of Americans - a financial disaster,...
  • D.C. man on fire dies from injuries, was burned beyond recognition
    D.C. man on fire dies from injuries, was burned beyond recognition
    The man who critically injured himself after pour gasoline over his body and set himself on fire on the Washington Mall on Friday, has died of his injuries. The man's name and age were not immediately known, and his burns were so severe that...
  • Indy recovering from burns
    Dog badly burned by fireworks strapped to legs: still recovering
    Police in Los Angeles County, California are still searching for the person (s) who tied a firecracker to a dog’s leg on the Fourth of July. The dog was badly burned and could hardly walk.There is a reward for $1,000 set for information in...
  • Magician Wayne Houchin
    Magician Wayne Houchin set on fire in prank by TV host in Dominican Republic
    According to on Dec. 1, Magician Wayne Houchin has been seriously injured after a TV host in the Dominican Republic accidentally set his head on fire during an unscripted prank.Houchin was a guest on the television show when the host...
  • Severly injured puppy in New York
    New York and California both investigating cases of dogs set on fire
    On Saturday in Southern California a three year old bassett hound named Buddy was set on fire with accelerant and left to die in the Camarillo Height ravine. A neighbor saw the fire and called the Fire Department. The dog had severe burns and...
  • Benghazi
    Obama silent as consulate in Libya burned, U.S. official killed
    On Tuesday, a U.S. official was killed and the U.S. consulate in Benghazi was burned when gunmen affiliated with the Islamist group Ansar al Sharia attacked the building. Although the State Department has issued a statement, President Obama has...
  • Pakistan show respect to US
    The spy who help capture Bin Laden was left to hang in Pakistan by the CIA
    Bin Laden stayed hidden for years in Pakistan, right under everyone’s nose. In a compound less than a mile from Pakistan Military Academy.The US, I suppose got lucky in finding him, using torture and tracking couriers. But the man who helped...
  • Map of the Caughlin fire area near Reno
    20 homes burn in Reno wildfire
    At least 20 homes in southwest Reno, Nevada have burned in the wind-driven Caughlin wildfire. The Reno Gazette-Journal reports that 9,500 people had been evacuated as of 9:53 a.m. on Friday, but at 10:32 the evacuation area expanded.The attached...
  • Wildfire burns 20-40 homes in Fort Davis, Texas
    Wildfire burns 20-40 homes in Fort Davis, Texas
    The Rockhouse fire burned through Fort Davis, Texas on Sunday destroying 20 to 40 homes, according to the Texas Forest Service. Fort Davis is a small town about 200 miles southeast of El Paso and about 80 miles north of Big Bend National Park (map...
  • Israel fire: student prison guards burned alive
    Israel fire: student prison guards burned alive
    Israel fire: student prison guards burned aliveISRAEL -- News is coming through this evening from NPRthat the Israeli prison guards who had gone on a bus to help evacuate another prison because of the fire in Israel were all student guards.There...
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