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  • The Message
    Bible stops bullets saves bus driver's life
    Forty-nine-year-old bus driver, Ricky Wagoner, stood outside in the early morning hours trying to repair his broken down bus. When three men approached him, the broken down bus was the least of his problems. One of the men announced it was time to...
  • Bible stops bullets
    Bible stops bullets: Ohio bus driver's Bible saved him from certain death
    A bullet stopping Bible – Now that’s more than what most people ask the Word of God to do when it comes to Divine intervention.According to CNN on Tuesday, 49-year-old Rickey Wagoner was assaulted by three hoodlums early Monday morning...
  • Civil War cartridge
    A Strange Requirement of the Civil War Infantry
    When students are asked what physical attributes were needed by Civil War infantry soldiers, they often forget one important but not so obvious item. They can always come up with trigger finger, at least one good eye, and the like. They often...
  • Obama
    Obama's Bullet Buying Spree
    By: Charles BenninghoffObama's Department of Homeland Security just announced another massive purchase of bullets. A purchase of 75.1 million rounds has been added to the 2 billion rounds they've already stockpiled to use against Americans...
  • Company claims that "Jihawg Bullets" keep radical Muslims from paradise
    Company claims that "Jihawg Bullets" keep radical Muslims from paradise
    South Fork Industries, from Dalton Gardens, Idaho, markets a distinct bullet that kills Muslim terrorists and simultaneously sends them to hell. On Saturday, The Huffington Post reported a story about a company that is angry about the Islamic...
  • Guns
    Many kids at risk for suicide have access to guns at home
    A new study presented May 6 at the American Academy of Pediatrics’ annual meeting revealed that nearly one in five children and teens thought to be at risk for suicide reported that there were guns in their homes. Of that group, 15 percent...
  • Are are the Terrorist?
    Boston Marathon, Terrorist Bombing, Involved People & Why?
    The recent news from Boston, Mass.has been a world wide presentation from our TV Stations, News Papers, and other media. We ask why? What made a 26 year old recruit his brother and his wife (supporting him) do the things they did. The wife worked...
  • Rep. Diane DeGette claims magazines will disappear as bullts fired.
    Colorado Dem. says number of magazines will decrease as bullets are used up
    While participating in a public forum on gun control hosted by the Denver Post Tuesday, Rep. Diana DeGette, D-Colo., said that the number of magazines will decrease over time as shooters fire bullets, CNS News reported."What's the...
  • Invent bullets that stun rather than kill
    Invent bullets that stun rather than kill
    Where are our priorities? More than 27000 people have signed a petition demanding the Obama administration to build a Death Star for an intergalactic battle, in case of an attack from outer space.Before any such outer planetary attack can be...
  • Washington Nationals fans cheer for Stephen Strasburg during his major league debut in 2010.
    Redskins, Caps, Nats, Wizards, United: Washington, D.C. is a great sports town
    Washington, D.C. may not be the best sports town in the country, but it deserves a lot more credit than it usually gets. In fact, D.C. is an excellent sports town that supports more teams in more sports than just about any city in the U.S.The...
  • Sunny Isles
    Sunny Isles Military Gun Range is OK.
    There was a time gun fire could be heard from the beach coast at an alarming rate and level of all calibers. Today, a wide swath of oceanfront in Sunny Isles Beach is covered with condos, hotels and resorts, where tourists and locals sun...
  • Cartridges
    Bullets and manufacturers at the SHOT show - What's new
    HORNADYBesides the plethora of reloading equipment Hornady introduced two new bullets in the GMX series (both .224, 50gr and 70gn), a new series of bullets called MONOFLEX in 140gn for the 30-30 and 308, and a 155 gr for the 45 cal. Both of these...
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