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  • 70-year-old bullet wound: Strange bullet injury causes man's death over time, crime shocker
    70-year-old bullet wound: Life bearing a bullet inside him, 87 y/o loses battle
    One 70-year-old bullet wound finally became too much for an elderly Chicago man, killing him. Yet while the 87-year-old man may have lost the battle, he bore the bullet inside him for a very long time. Reports indicate that Tom Buchanan died...
  • Bullet Pocket Acne Aid
    Bullet Pocket Acne Aid
    Stress combined with a lack of sleep is a blend that can easily lead to breakouts, and Bullet Pocket Acne Aid is a product that is effective in combating this issue. I field tested this product during one of the most stressful and sleepless times...
  • Wildlife photographer captures "bulletproof squirrel" on film
    Wildlife photographer captures "bulletproof squirrel" on film
    Yesterday, Geekosystem reported that the John McClane of squirrels resides in New Orleans. “Bullet Squirrel” manages its fast-paced squirrely life-style despite having a .22 caliber bullet lodged behind one its front legs. Wildlife...
  • Police investigating Saturday shooting of Jackson man
    Police investigating Saturday morning shooting of Jackson man
    Jackson police are investigating a Saturday morning shooting of a Jackson man, according to a news release from the Jackson Police Department.The release said around 12:30 a.m. Saturday, police were called to Jackson-Madison County General...
  • Darrell "Bullet" Bullard
    Free adventure in Dover, Oklahoma
    “Howdy, ma’am,” were the first words uttered as I made my way to the porch of Darrell “Bullet” Bullard and his wife Judy. Before I even sat down Judy asked, “Care for a glass of ice cold tea?” It sounded...
  • Smart bullet
    Self-guided smart bullet can steer into target a mile away
    Sandia National Labs has began testing its prototype laser-guided bullet. This “smart bullet” is capable of steering itself and homing in on laser designated targets. These smart bullets have the potential to reduce wasted ammunition...
  • Trigger and Bullet
    Roy Rogers ‘Happy Trails’ Rose Parade float wins Tournament Special for RFD-TV
    RFD-TV commemorated “The King of the Cowboys” for the 100th anniversary of his birth and reminded folks of how kids would “Just Imagine…” that they were riding along with Roy Rogers at the Happy Trails Ranch.Roy...
  • Dustin Dusty Patrick
    RFD-TV float is tribute to ‘King of the Cowboys’ Roy Rogers
    It’s not unusual to hear feelings of joy, enthusiasm, and pride when talking about Rose Parade floats. Much less common are humility, tenderness, and gratitude. That the Roy Rogers tribute float in the 2012 Rose Parade elicits those emotions...
  • Superchunk and Coliseum split 7-inch
    Superchunk and Coliseum cover Misfits' for limited edition 7-inch
    Superchunk and Coliseum will release a limited edition 7-inch covering Misfits'Horror Business b/w Bullet for release on Record Store Day - April 16th. The 7-inch will be issued on three different colors of vinyl: yellow w/ black splatter;...
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