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  • Campaign tech will be a bigger story in 2016
    Campaign tech will be a bigger story in 2016
    The busy 2016 election season is shaping up to be a momentous decision-making time for voters and the winners and losers may well be determined by the political teams who can effectively command a growing set of technology tools that are...
  • Political tools may help tech have a better year in 2015
    Political tools may help tech have a better year in 2015
    You don’t need a scorecard to know that the tech industry did poorly in getting favorable legislation passed in Washington this past year. If they were a football team in the NFL at the close of the regular season, their coach, general...
  • The return of Brigade
    The Return of Brigade
    Some two-plus decades ago, in August of 1992 Rob Liefeld’s Extreme Studios, under the Image Comics Imprint, published Brigade, a superteam comic that was created, plotted, and initially written by Liefeld and originally illustrated by Marat...
  • Rob Liefeld
    Interview with comic superstar Rob Liefeld
    For years Rob Liefeld has been leaving his mark on the comic industry creating such popular characters as Marvel’s Cable and Deadpool. When he left alongside the other superstar artists to form Image Comics he began unleashing a catalog of...
  • Rob Liefeld's Brigade
    Rob Liefeld is Kickstarting a free 'Brigade'
    Image Comics co-founder and Deadpool creator, Rob Liefeld, launched his first Kickstarter campaign last week. The writer/artist wants to raise enough funds to distribute the re-launch of one of his other creations, Brigade -a part of his Extreme...
  • Brigade Cover Picture
    Kickstarter campaign to bring back "Brigade"
    Do you remember the immensely popular comic series “Brigade?” No? Don’t feel bad, it debuted 20 years ago, in the 1990’s. If you do, kudos to you; you’re savvier than the rest of us, some who weren’t even born...
  • Rob Liefeld Kickstarter
    Rob Liefeld Kickstarter: Comic book artist hopes to get 'Brigade' revived
    A Rob Liefeld Kickstarter program proves that it is not only movie stars who want to use the platform to help them get their work made. According to on May 17, comic book artist Rob Liefeld is hoping Kickstarter can help him get his "...
  • Wish Former Baltimore Raven O.J. Brigance a Happy Birthday and raise ALS awareness
    Wish Former Baltimore Raven O.J. Brigance a Happy Birthday and learn about ALS
    Happy Purple Friday! You can celebrate and support a former Baltimore Raven. Former Baltimore Stallion and Baltimore Raven O.J. Brigance will be celebrating his birthday this month. You can wish him a happy birthday and make a donation to The...
  • 100902204749big_brother_12_cast.jpg
    Big Brother 12: The Brigade talks about their fame
    Britney was called to the Diary room, giving Lane, Hayden and Enzo a chance to talk about the strength of the Brigade. They are so proud of themselves being in the final four together and say that they will be fighting to make the Brigade the...
  • 100830214904big_brother_12_cast.jpg
    Big Brother 12: The BRIGADE's Monday night
    The Brigade of Hayden, Enzo and Lane are sitting outside at about 8:20pm PST talking about how Ragan just gave up after he lost the last Power of Veto competition to Enzo. They talk about the fact that they have not shunned him and still invite...
  • 100826091932big_brother_12_cast.jpg
    Big Brother 12: Aug 25 Show RECAP: Brigade TURNS ON Matt
    Hayden and Lane are sitting outside. Hayden tells Lane that if someone doesn't make a move, Matt could end up in the final two. Hayden says, "Matt thinks he just owns this place" and Lane says that things have gone to Matt's head...
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