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  • recycle for our children
    Tips to increase recycling at home
    Be sure your spring cleaning includes recycling correct containers, boxes, and cansMost of us this time of year are thinking about spring cleaning and getting our home and gardens ready for the coming nice weather. This includes recycling those...
  • A gift of giving
    Protravel a Virtuoso agency helps the Oklahoma tornado victims
    Protravel Sherman Oaks and Protravel Beverly Hills offices teamed up in a matter of ten days to collect donations from friends, family and vendors for the OKC Relief Effort.Many agents volunteered their time sorting all the items and packed up...
  • Decorative Chinese Fortune Boxes
    Decorative Chinese Fortune Boxes
    I'm sure it's happened to everyone. You eat Chinese take-out for dinner and then comes the fortune cookie. You open it up and -- wallah, every now and again there is that one fortune you want to keep as a keepsake. I admit to saving quite...
  • Painted Box
    Painting metal and wood boxes
    Altering boxes for mini books or miniature vignettes poses a few problems. When working with metal, water based paints will often peal and scar easy. Wood boxes are porous and are difficult to get a good seal and still have a shiny finish. The...
  • Save your boxes and other containers
    Why you should save your boxes and other containers
    Usually when people bring an appliance or a product home from the store, they rip open the carton and destroy any wrappings and other papers that came with the item.It is wise to set up your product and make sure it is in working order before...
  • Follow the USPS guidelines for MPO packages and letters to your service member.
    Atlanta Military 101: How do I deal with an APO/FPO address?
    Margaret Aikens, Friday, June 11.2010 Mailing boxes to deployed military members can be confusing for Atlanta area military families. Most common questions can be answered by contacting any local Atlanta area post office or by accessing their...
  • Military mothers support their military sons and daughters through happy and hard times.
    A Military Mother's Day in Atlanta
    There are mothers of military service members all over Atlanta who may be celebrating a day without their military child. It’s important, as Mother’s Day approaches, to know of the many important organizations available to Atlanta area...
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