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  • Were You Born For The World's Benefit?
    Were You Born For The World's Benefit?
    If you were born for the world’s benefit, the world may just benefit. Why deny the obvious preference of your soul’s intent for inhabiting the earth plane? Could it be that you hold back from acting upon the ‘natural and...
  • Missouri baby born with teeth: Talk about teeth, baby is born with pearly whites already
    Missouri baby born with teeth: Little girl's big smile, natal teeth 'rare' case
    A Missouri baby born with teeth has a big smile for such a tiny baby girl. Nurses and medical officials at a Springfield, Missouri, hospital were shocked to find that little Alyssa Bailey was brought into the world without having to wish for her...
  • Great leaders don’t need no stinking experience
    Great leaders don’t need no stinking experience
    The mental frontier Some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them.The greatest leaders are usually the ones on the outside looking in. Jim Kirk is portrayed by Hollywood actor Chris Pine in both movies &ldquo...
  • Alison Brie talks about her sex scenes in the movie 'Born'
    Alison Brie talks about terrifying demon sex
    Now Alison Brie is most well-known for her role as innocent over-achiever Annie Edison on the NBC series "Community." However, the bubbly brunette's first movie role was really raunchy.According to a Feb. 13 report by E! Online, talk...
  • Bitcoin baby: First child born in California
    Bitcoin baby: First child born in California
    First "Bitcoin baby was born in California. Fertility treatments were paid for entirely with digital currency. According to The Telegraph on June 11, 2013, a doctor offered a discount on his services if they were paid for in Bitcoin."The...
  • Live Your Dream
    The only wireless system you need
    Whether it be a book, a painting or a paragraph, the tendency many of us face is that we are not good enough to have something amazing come through us. We make lists, dream dreams and spend copious amounts of time trying to achieve greater things...
  • On the Night You Were Born
    Nature celebrates new life in Nancy Tillman’s ‘On the Night You Were Born’
    A noted pastor once said that having a baby in your arms is like holding God wrapped in skin. Not exactly mainstream theology perhaps, but we all understand the sentiment. There’s something miraculous, special and unique about each new human...
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