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  • Researchers replacing Joints with Biological 3D printed creations
    Researchers Replacing Joints With Biological 3D Printed Creations
    Research scientists at the University of Toronto and several other universities in Ontario,including Queens, Waterloo, McMaster and Guelph are now undertaking a collaborative project, covering a number of disciplines, with the hope of creating...
  • Having a bone to pick with someone
    What does it mean when someone says, 'I have a bone to pick with you'?
    If somebody says, "I've got a bone to pick with you" means that person has some complaint to make against you.The expression is used quite often; however, most people don't know its origin.This phrase dates back to the 16th...
  • The Honorable Hen
    The Legend of Bone Diddley available on Kindle
    Kyle Romeis would like to announce the arrival of 'The Legend of Bone Diddley' for Kindle. Readers interested in Absurdest humor, Satire, Westerns, Comedy and Supernatural are urged to visit amazon to download the new book to their kindle...
  • The Honorable Hen
    The Legend of Bone Diddley
    Hello everyone! Your humble Milwaukee Gadgets Examiner and now self-published author would like to share a monumental moment with you all; The Legend of Bone Diddley has just been published and is available for immediate download at It...
  • Beef bone broth
    Homemade beef bone broth made easy
    I've become addicted to Vietnamese Pho. Not only is it fabulous, but I can feel it warming and healing the upper left of my colon. (A part of my colon stopped working after my cancer surgery. I have major digestion issues now.) I then began a...
  • Arthritic knees, X-ray
    Bisphosphonates provide limited pain relief in OA
    Osteoarthritis drugs in general are inadequate of OA painOsteoarthritis (OA) is the most common form of arthritis worldwide affecting around 630 million people. Pain and reduced function are the main symptoms in this prevalent disease. There is no...
  • Flow cytrometer
    Over 10,000 bone marrow transplants have the hopeless turning to City of Hope
    A Los Angeles man whose battle against cancer once seemed hopelesshas been released from City of Hope Hospital less than a month after receiving a lifesaving bone marrow transplant, the 10,000th performed by the acclaimed facility.Nurses sang ...
  • Turnout reaches new high for Tin Can Tourist weekend at Camp Dearborn
    Turnout reaches new high for Tin Can Tourist weekend at Camp Dearborn
    The Tin Can Tourists' fall gathering at Camp Dearborn concluded Sunday with a turnout that reached a new high in the number oftrailer owners enjoying themselves at the event.Forrest Bone, who is co-director with his wife Jeri of the Tin Can...
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