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  • Jill Parker Atkinson regularly runs in a custom CR bit by Joe Ruiz
    Upcoming clinic with IRHA hall of fame horseman, Joe Ruiz
    It’s not every day that we get to benefit from the wisdom and expertise of true horsemen. With Joe Ruiz’ busy training and competition schedules, he has little time to offer clinics.Fortunately, local Utah riders and trainers will have...
  • Fits and Bits: Reiner Knizia turns Tetris into a hands-on board game
    Fits and Bits: Reiner Knizia turns Tetris into a hands-on board game
    Sometime before I gave up on video games, pretty much forever, I used to play Tetris. Not a lot, really, but if forced to choose between counting the dots in drop-ceiling panels or playing a video game, I'd opt to play Tetris. Pretty simple...
  • Arizona Feeds Country Store
    "Bits and boots' presentation September 24th at Arizona Feeds Country Store
    Fall is around the corner and its time to update your calendar to include monthly educational and fun events at the Arizona Feeds Country Store! The first event out of the chute is “Bits & Boots” presentations on Saturday,...
  • Reining Horse
    Choosing a Bit to Fit Your Horse
    Traditionally, horsemen have used the ‘one wrinkle’ rule to determine if the bit is sitting in the right place in the mouth and fits correctly. One wrinkle in the top of the horse's mouth meant the bit was sitting in the right...
  • Bits and Biting Seminar
    Bits and Biting seminar at Black Hawk East College
    Bits and Biting seminar was held at the second all equine seminar at Black Hawk East College on Thursday, November 11, 2010, at 6:30 p.m. The fall equine seminars were sponsored by County Farm Bureaus and University of Illinois units in Bureau,...
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