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  • Luis Suarez Bite Arjen Robben Flop
    Biters or divers? FIFA kicked Luis Suarez but Robben flops on
    FIFA, it's time for a change.On June 26th, the FIFA Disciplinary Committee penalized Luis Suarez for biting Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini. He was suspended nine official matches, which stretched far beyond the 2014 World Cup. Predictably,...
  • Orange is the new red! Best Orange Lip colors of 2013 for darker skin tones.
    Orange is the new red! Best Orange Lip colors of 2013 for darker skin tones.
    Powerful lips make a statement anytime and this holiday season instead of the old standby go Orange. Why Orange? If you skin is brown or dark finding a red lipstick can be challenging because blue undertones clash times with our skin color. Orange...
  • Snake bite treatment
    Snake bite treatment
    The CDC estimates that over 7,000 people a year are bitten by venomous snakes within the United States. While the types of venomous snake can vary by geographic region and the symptoms of a snake bite can vary according to the type of snake,...
  • Pacifica shark attack: Great white bites boat
    Pacifica shark attack: Great white bites boat
    A rare Pacifica shark attack involving a kayaker occurred at Pacifica State Beach in Pacifica, California. Micah Flanaburg was fishing from his boat when a great white shark bit into it. According to United Press International on June 26, 2013,...
  • There is no delete button... Move on11
    There is no delete button... Move on11
    There is no delete button to allow me to delete this article as I am moving to another blog.Click this if you think this is in error.
  • Belarus man bumped off by belligerent beaver
    Belarus man bumped off by belligerent beaver
    A belligerent beaver from Belarus killed a fisherman this week, as the man attempted to snap a photograph of the semi-aquatic rodent.The unidentified 60-year-old man and his friends were fishing at Lake Shestakov when they spotted the beaver on...
  • Bite mark on Arm
    Bite Mark Cases in Kenosha County Courtrooms - One from 2012 and One from 1912
    Yesterday there was a story about a man named Troy Shesler Jr., age 21, who bit a police officer's hand in Twin Lakes in the Kenosha News. He also spit at an officer and tried to chew a police car door. He had been drinking and was given a...
  • puppy1
    Local trainer offers child safety tips during Dog Bite Prevention Week
    From May 20th through May 26th, the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA)is sponsoring Dog Bite Prevention Week in the hopes of raising awareness on the safe prevention ofdog-to-human injuries. Each year, 800,000 Americansrequire medical...
    National Dog Bite Prevention Week: How to prevent a dog bite
    May 20 is the start of National Dog Bite Prevention Week. My pup, Nanners, he was going to be put to sleep because he did bite the nose of a 3 year old little girl. My husband and I decided to give Nanners a second chance. After we welcomed...
  • Raccoon
    Free or low-cost rabies shots in Folsom tonight
    Raccoons and skunkscanbefound all over the Sacramento area, and these fuzzy little creatures can potentially cause extreme illness or even death for your cat ordog. A quick vaccination can protect your pet, and local residents can have that done...
  • Snow-covered web
    Indiana spiders: the web of truth
    Back in 1990, a certain man named Jeff Daniels was a well-known actor, and the movie Arachnophobia was a decently known film.Although not on par with Jaws,the movie did instila decentamount of fear into its viewers fromits antagonists. One notable...
  • Conan
    Razor-fanged puppies
    Anyone who has ever raised a puppy knows that these peeing, pooping, chewing, furry balls of uncontrollable cuteness come with some seriously sharp fangs. However what most people don’t know is that they come with these razor teeth for the...
  • resized_BITE_James_Preston.JPG
    James Preston's Vegas vampire experience
    The MAGIC Convention is in town, bringing with it all the celebrities hawking their fashion and fragrance lines. James Preston took some time to experience Las Vegas’ sexy vampire revue, Bite®. As a werewolf on “The Gates,”...
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