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  • Billy Graham lacks an understanding of prayer
    Billy Graham lacks an understanding of prayer
    One of the more mysterious actions of believers is prayer. Most Christians believe that God has a plan for the world and that God knows the past and the future. But, by praying, a believer can convince God to change that perfect plan just to make...
  • American Authors
    American Authors return to Seattle to headline 2014 Honda Civic Tour
    American Authors played their first major arena back in June right here in Washington when they opened for OneRepublic and The Script at Comcast Arena. They are coming back to the area this October, this time as the headliner, for the second leg...
  • Kris Orlowski releases new song
    Kris Orlowski releases new song
    Seattle-based indie-rock outfit, Kris Orlowski, recently released a new video for their most recent single, "Believer," and it's full of the feelings.The track, which is the title track from the band's upcoming full-length, out...
  • Atheist vs Theists: Who's smarter?
    Study saying Atheists are more intelligent than Believers has both sides heated
    Recently three psychologists published a review based on 63 studies that concluded that Atheists, in general, are more intelligent than Believers, much to the dismay and disgust of professors and scientists both Theist and Atheist alike.The...
  • Power of Prayer!(Matthew 21:22 & John 14:14)
    "Whatever You Ask for in Prayer!"(Matthew 21:22 and John 14:14)
    What happened after Jesus came into Jerusalem for His triumphant entry? Two significant things happened. He cleared the temple of the money changers or sellers of doves. Later on that day he left Jerusalem to spend the night in another city. He...
  • American Authors
    Interview with adept alt rockers American Authors
    Brooklyn-based outfit American Authors recently burst onto the music scene with its refreshingly unique, yet cleverly catchy indie sound. The lyrics to the band’s exceptional debut single “Believer” open with, “I’m a...
  • Cody Simpson
    Cody Simpson’s free performance in Sacramento brings in fans
    On Sunday afternoon the weather in Sacramento definitely was nice and the music wafting in the air was full of perfect sounds with Cody Simpson singing. The fans in the California town got a special treat when the entertainer rolled in and...
  • Visual JoJoism61
    One of the worst things to say to a believer who is hurting
    “Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.” -Proverbs 16:24I’ve seen it so many times. A sister in the Lord opens up to share a struggle she is going through in the hopes that the fellowship will...
  • Believer Kutless
    Kutless releases new project Believer in February
    After a successful 2009 release that spawned the mega-hit single “What Faith Can Do,” Kutless will be releasing a new studio album titled Believer next month on February 28 (BEC Recordings). The debut radio single from this album is...
  • God and Adam
    Are you a son of God?
    Paul explains in Romans how we know we are sons of God. There are Christians who aren't really sure and majority go by their feelings. Romans tells us our spirit bears witness with His Spirit that we are sons of God. Jesus spoke directly to...
  • Easter
    Willow Huntley is opening its doors
    Willow Creek Community Church Founder and Senior Pastor Bill Hybels has led his congregation for over 35 years. Willow Huntley’s grand opening marks another great launch of a church in Willow Creek’s ministry.Weekend services will...
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