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  • Hastens Swedish Beds for Spring
    Hästens: Spring Clean with Swedish Beds
    I swear, sleeping on a crap matress is probably the number one reason people are a-holes in the morning. Switching to a luxurious bed provides a pleasant sleep and a wonderful sanctuary to come home, too. I am a firm believer thata great bed makes...
  • Donated Pet Beds
    $ 40,000 pet bed donation to bring sweet dreams to homeless pets in North Texas
    Late Monday afternoon, a 53' semi-trailer pulled up to the loading dock at a warehouse in Addison and changed the lives of hundreds of pets waiting for their forever homes in shelters and foster homes. Inside the huge truck were more than 500...
  • Raised bed experiment
    The Great multi-seed experiment, part 2
    You may remember that we visited a north New Jersey gardener to see how things were progressing in his garden. Essentially they were doing well; everything seemed to be ahead of the season except for some spindly looking tomatoes which I was...
  • Adoptable Puppies from Dallas Animal Services
    Creature Comforts event provides beds for Dallas shelter pets
    Dallas Animal Advocates Annual ‘Creature Comforts’ holiday celebration will take place at Dallas Animal Services, 1818 N. Westmoreland, on Sunday, December 9th, from noon until 3 p.m.The purpose of the event is to raise money for new...
  • Urban gardening
    Building your urban homestead in Richmond
    Urban homesteaders in Richmond know you don’t have to live on ten acres to achieve a sustainable, productive way of life. Basic components of homesteading generally include organic gardening, raising livestock, canning and preserving food,...
  • Easy Rest
    10 tips for preventing back pain with yard work
    Do you work hard to make your yard the envy of your neighbors or are you a reluctant gardener just trying to maintain minimum standards of the neighborhood? No matter which type of homeowner you are one thing holds true - gardening and yard work...
  • 48 Totally clever alcove bed design ideas
    48 Totally clever alcove bed design ideas
    Alcove beds are a fabulous concept for saving space in your home design. They are inviting and fun, especially for kids. They can be very practical in contemporary living spaces; they make for a great design concept. They save space because they...
  • Operation Blankets of Love Supplies Comfort to Homeless Dogs in Need
    Innovative Angelenos comforting shelter pets
    The City of Angels is aptly named for residents like Sherry Brewer, Bonnie Monaghan and Eileen Smulson, who devote their time to comforting some of the city’s most needy and vulnerable: homeless animals in shelters. Each has spearheaded a...
  • Coolest Clock
    How To Get To Work On Time!
    "Bzzzzz"......The alarm clock is ringing, and it is time to get your day started. You hop in the shower, make a cup of coffee, and wake up the kids. They are getting dressed, and you are making good time. Everything seems to be running...
  • Upholstered Bed
    Sleeping in Style
    You spend one-third of your life in bed, so why not sleep in style? Select the right components and you’ll be in for a refreshing rest that makes your days as peaceful as your nights. The bed is the foundation of your bedroom and there are...
  • 0c5f3cda-dd02-4010-9542-bf3491c79997.jpg
    PetSafe Heated Wellness Sleeper dog beds recalled
    Radio Systems Corporation has issued a recall ofpower adaptors forits heated pet beds due to a possible fire risk. The adaptors were sold with the PetSafe Heated Wellness Sleeper models PCU00-10911, PCU00-10912 AND PCU00-10913. When the adaptor is...
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