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  • Slaw with added extras
    Slaw with added extras
    How often do you serve coleslaw and how do you use it? Many of us serve it on a hot dog or a hamburger, though we also serve it as a salad side dish. It seems that no two cooks prepare it the same way, since every cook has their own methods of...
  • Taco Bell Sponsoring
    Who really is the late night king of tacos, Taco Bell or Del Taco?
    There is a debate that is as old as time, actually it has only been around for a couple years. What makes the best midnight munchies meal, is it Taco Bell or Del Taco? Well, there have been several different opinions like how Del Taco is cheaper,...
  • Beans and bacon highlight this slaw
    Beans and bacon highlight this slaw
    When it's time for a hot dog, a hamburger, or just a simple salad dish, slaw comes into the picture! Slaw is mostly just chopped shredded cabbage flavored with mayonnaise, salt and pepper. Some recipes are of the barbecued type, which we serve...
  • Aramis Knight at the "Bad Grandpa" premiere
    Aramis Knight brings life to Bean character in Box Office hit "Ender's Game"
    As Ender Wiggins (Asa Butterfield) leads his young counterparts in battling aliens, his sidekick Bean (Aramis Knight) brings the underdog strength to "Ender's Game."During the recent premiere of "Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa,...
  • January 6 is National Bean Day
    January 6 is National Bean Day
    There are so many different kinds of beans that everyone loves at least one kind. So it will not be hard for people to eat beans of their choice on National Bean Day.January 6 is National Bean Day.Why is January 6 National Bean Day? Some believe...
  • Mr. Bean crash details emerge -- car caught fire
    Mr. Bean crash details emerge -- car caught fire
    Rowan Atkinson, internationally recognized British comedian, is extremely lucky to have escaped with only a broken shoulder blade after his car caught fire in a crash on Thursday evening.UK's The Sun reports that the 56-year old was driving...
  • Beans
    The bean: A vegetarian's best friend
    One of the first questions that gets asked of a vegetarian, upon discovery that said person is a vegetarian, is “Well, what do you do for protein?” The non-veggie's eyebrows are screwed up as they nosh on their bottom lip. As if...
  • Chicken and white bean chili
    Chicken and white bean chili recipe
    This white bean chili is a hearty stew that's perfect those cold dreary days. Adjust the type and amount of green chili's to suit your taste. I used canned diced green chili's found in the mexican aisle of the Wal-Mart in Fayetteville....
  • Mexican bean soup
    Mexican bean soup recipe
    Cold and rainy here in Michigan today. Perfect day for soup, I think!Several varieties of Mexican beer can be found at Whigville in Grand Blanc. 1 cup pinto beans 6-8 cups chicken broth 1 cup beer (I used Modelo Especial) 1 chopped onion 1 1/2...
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