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  • Texas oil spill impacts many
    Texas oil spill impacts many
    Just two days prior to the 25th anniversary of the Exxon Valdez spill, the Texas coast experienced a "crude" awakening. Near the Texas City Dike, there is an area called the “Y” where three bodies of water meet. In this area,...
  • Wassaw Island artificial reef
    New reef off Wassaw Island, Georgia
    The Georgia Department of Natural Resources recently made a new addition the artificial reef system off the Peach State coast. Proving that virtually nothing has to go to waste, the new addition is made up of a 254-foot hopper barge filled with...
  • Google's mystery barge
    Little remains known about Google's floating learning centers
    Yesterday, Google came clean regarding the mysterious barge docked in the San Francisco Bay and three other locations (one in Portland, Maine) around the United States. Reports circulated throughout last week regarding their purpose, presumably to...
  • Fun Ferry Crossing
    Fun Ferry Crossing
    Hidden in the middle of Orange County’s Newport harbor is one of its most precious and little known historical gems. A feeling of nostalgia begins to surface when nearing the Balboa Bay harbor. Peaking out near the dock is the Balboa Island...
  • resized_Anacostia.jpg
    No end in sight for Vane Brothers' oil clean-up support
    BP’s Macondo oil wellis no longer gushing oil into the Gulf of Mexico, but clean-up activities continue. Six tugs and tank barges from Baltimore-based The Vane Brothers Company are part of this effort, and no one knows yet when they and...
  • Barge, duck boat collide on the Delaware River, children screaming
    Philadelphia: duck boat, barge collide, children screaming (photos, video)
    In Philadelphia, duck boat crashes into barge, overturns leaving 37 people in the water. Adults and children were screaming. PHILADELPHIA -- A barge which was being pushed by a tugboat crashed into a Philadelphia tourist boat near Penn’s...
  • IMG_5349bread,olives,cheese5_5x3_7_72.jpg
    Culver City Restaurants: Go barging in France for the finest in French cuisine
    The culinary hub of Culver City restaurants continues its expansion, with several new arrivals adding to the fray every week. There are now at least four French restaurants clamoring for attention, but if you want the real deal, you simply have to...
  • La Bella Vita
    La Bella Vita: From Venice to Mantua by hotel barge
    European Waterways has announced that another luxury 20-passenger hotel barge, La Bella Vita, has joined their fleet and will embark on her inaugural voyage on Sunday, September 5, 2010. It will cruisebetween Venice and the Renaissance city of...
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