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  • Deadpool's Game (Photos)
    Deadpool's Game (Photos)
    Who’s the craziest, most fantastic mercenary that you know of? Who’s the one with the steadiest aim, the one with the most badass swords, the one crazy enough to call your mother afterwards for a quickie? He also has a love of pancakes...
  • Board Game Review: Bang!
    Board Game Review: Bang!
    My board game group, as with many, has got our "go-to" games which we play more than most. I thought I'd mix things up a little, so I recently brought Bang! to our session.Bang! is a completely card-driven game for 4-7 players, ages...
  • Ocean storm
    Bang vs The Ocean
    I spent five days at Myrtle Beach and somehow between hanging with friends and activities I found time to reflect. I found a moment to walk down to the beach by myself. Take my shoes off and walk to the ocean. The moon was huge in the sky and...
  • Clash at Demonhead
    Retrospective: Clash at Demonhead
    Before it was the Scott Pilgrim band, it was a cult classic NES game about a one man army's journey to retrieve the Doomsday Bomb, better known for its silly localization of its silly source material than for its quality gameplay.Not to say...
  • Act of Redemption: The First Gastar Book
    Act of Redemption: The First Gastar Book by C. C. Cole A Book Review
    Two hundred years has passed since assassin Shevata killed the last of the Abbian priests. As a result, Zermon, a demonic foe of Shevata has come to Gastar to create a new Hell on Earth. C. C. Cole has brought to life a journey into Hell and back...
  • svu
    Six sneak peeks for Law & Order: SVU episode - Bang guest-starring John Stamos
    Law & Order: SVU's twelfth season is coming to a close as there are only three new episodes left and the first one airs this Wednesday, May 4th.Titled "Bang," Detectives Benson and Stabler have to investigate when a child is...
  • The Big Show at bang Studio Comedy Theatre
    Biggest "bang" Comedy Improv Shows of the Year!
    Get the new year started with a crazy bang! Here's the good thing, if you resolved to spend more time laughing and hanging out with friends then this night out in Hollywood will bring you closer to keeping your New Year's resolutions! This...
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