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  • Is religion a bad brand
    Is religion a bad brand
    A vast majority of people consider themselves to be religious, just not institutionally religious. You need to have a place to get your spiritual answers to your spiritual questions. 25-percent of the youth who said they were Christian, now claim...
  • Feelings are evidence?
    Are feelings evidence for the existence of God?
    On 11-18-14, Phil Smith debated Bernie Dehler on the topic "Is faith in God warranted?" Phil Smith is a Christian philosophy professor at George Fox University, and author of a few books, including "Why Faith is a Virtue."...
  • Raising Free Thinkers
    Can children be moral without religion?
    Oftentimes I am asked how I teach my children good morals and values without a religion. It's really quite simple. Morals are reasonable, and they make sense to humans.It seems logical thatto teach a child to do the right thing because it is...
  • CFI Kids Indianapolis
    A secular family network
    One of the key things that parenting without religion is missing is having a church family. Church offers a sense of community, belonging, and family that most non-religious persons miss out on.Surrounding yourself with like minded families is a...
  • land
    Christian Post Editor: God will punish gay Christians as he does other heretics
    On Thursday, Richard Land, executive editor of Christian Post and former president of the Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics and Religious Liberty Committee (that's the arm of the SBC concerned with morals and ethics), told the audience...
  • Ecclesiastes
    Atheists and Ecclesiastes
    Some atheists argue that a loving God would not allow so much suffering and misery. They also look at some of God's judgments in the Old Testament and argue that this God is actually a tyrant. The Preacher, Qohelet from the book of...
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