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  • Is God Needed for Morality?
    Is God Needed for Morality?
    Many people (not atheists!) seem to think that belief in God is somehow required to have morality. They say that if people didn't believe in God, then they would become immoral. I suppose because they think that they need to have a God...
  • "Good without God?"
    Why would an atheist claim to be "good without god?"
    In the atheist community, there's a famous saying that atheists can be "good without god." Maybe one thing that started that trend was Greg Epstein and his book "Good Without God: What a Billion Nonreligious People Do Believe...
  • Stephen Hawking Atheist
    Stephen Hawking announces that he is an atheist
    Stephen Hawking, the world-famous author and theoretical physicist, cleared any doubts about his religious beliefs earlier this week when he told Spanish newspaper El Mundo that he is an atheist. According to an NBC report released on Tuesday, the...
  • Christian/atheist discussion on morality
    In Beaverton last week: an atheist explains what morality is.
    On Wed. Sept. 17, 2014, Ben Clifton (Christian) debated Bernie Dehler (atheist) on the topic of morality. Now available is a 10 min. video excerpt where Bernie explains the concepts of basic morality. This explanation needs no gods nor...
  • Portland-area Christian/atheist debates
    Beaverton church sponsors evolution debate
    On Sunday Sept. 28, 2014, Evergreen Presbyterian Church in Beaverton will sponsor a FREE debate/discussion over the topic of evolution. All details can be found at the church's website here:
  • Christian and atheist discussion
    Jesus died for us. Is that moral goodness... or moral nonsense?
    On Wed. Sept. 17, 2014, Ben Clifton (Christian) debated Bernie Dehler (atheist) on the topic of morality. The video is now online for free viewing: . Also uploaded is a 7 min. excerpt where an audience member (Christian...
  • Sunday Assembly Portland
    Practice your storytelling skills on Sept. 25th
    Sunday Assembly Portland is a "Church without the god bits." But we also have many gatherings for people to do fun social things together, such as walking for exercise, volunteer in the community, etc.One of these upcoming small groups...
  • Christian/Atheist Debates
    A Christian/Atheist Debate About Morality Is Now Online For Free Viewing
    On Wed. Sept. 17, 2014, Ben Clifton (Christian) debated Bernie Dehler (atheist) on the topic of morality. The video is now online for free viewing: .Bernie Dehler will be debating many more Christians in the following...
  • Religious Discussions
    Free Religious Discussions In Portland This 2014/2015 School Year
    Bernie Dehler is an atheist (former evangelical born-again Christian) and is organizing several local FREE Christian/atheist debate/discussion opportunities for those in the Portland area. Here is a upcoming summary, and all details can be found...
  • HitlerXtian
    Atheism 101: What's the most aggravating argument against atheism?
    Recently someone asked me what I thought was the single most aggravating argument against atheism. This was my answer:The one that aggravates me off the most, probably because it's repeated so often, is that "Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot...
  • Atheist Sergeant Must Say, 'So Help Me God' or Leave Air Force
    Atheist sergeant must say, 'So help me God' in oath or leave Air Force
    According to MSNon Wednesday, the United States Air Force has told a sergeant he will have to leave the military unless he takes an oath and says the phrase "So help me God" at the end. The technical sergeant currently serves at the...
  • Secular Social
    Atheists and agnostics gather on Sept. 9th for a social dinner
    If you are an atheist, agnostic, humanist, etc. that would like to meet some like-minded friends, then join us at our next social dinner at Red Robin Burgers in Beaverton on Sept. 9th. All event details can be found here:
  • Science vs. Religion
    Christian/Atheist Debate in Beaverton on Sept. 17, 2014
    Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence." ~Carl SaganThere will be a free Christian/atheist debate in Beaverton on Wed. September 17, 2014 at 7 pm. All event details can be found here: . The title of the...
  • Sarah Palin and Trig
    Dawkins: "It's immoral to let Down Syndrome babies be born"
    Atheist activist, Richard Dawkins, created a stir for his comments on twitter regarding the abortion of Down Syndrome babies. While commenting on an article by fellow atheist, Jerry A. Coyne, who slammed the Catholic church for its "medieval...
  • flaming flag
    An atheist finds proof this country was founded as a Christian nation
    Thiscountry was founded by Americans on American soil. Thiscountry wasfounded by men who revered George Washington and Thomas Jefferson and this country was founded as a Christian nation. There's just one problem. This country was not the...